Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 16

Chapter 16 – S 

“FOR FUN!?!?!?!? Are you kidding me!?” I screamed to the top of my voice.
“Well, yeah. We were very excited to see another angel at the entrance of the village last night, so we thought we’d play with you for a bit,” Lin explained with a nervous smile, “Sorry about that.”
“Having your Zodiac Beasts shoot me is fun to you!?” I screamed again.
“That shot wasn’t fatal, sis! Plus, we’ve seen your speed before, so we know that you could easily dodge the shot,” Len explained.
“Yeah. Plus, you burned Pollux and Castor, you know? We’re the ones that got hurt,” Lin laughed.
“Well, yeah? If Spica hadn’t come in to save your beast, then you would have been smashed in the face too!”
Oh my god…I don’t think I’ve been this pissed off before in my entire life.

“Please forgive Lin and Len. Ever since they realize that they are Zodiac Angels a few months ago, they’ve been eager to meet with other angels,” the lady, who is supposedly the twins’ mother, said, trying to calm me down. She seems to be really apologetic in her daughters’ stead when she did absolutely nothing wrong. As a result, I couldn’t hold any more grudge.
“…Okay, fine.”
I sit down on the couch, sighing.
After the confrontation at the plains behind the village, the four of us returns to Lin and Len’s house, where we were greeted by their parents, Professor Huan and Professor Qing. They brought mom and me into their living room, where the twins then explained themselves.

“…Say mom…Why are there two of them? I thought there can only be one angel per Zodiac at a time,” I asked her curiously.
“Why don’t we let Lin and Len explain themselves?” mom suggested and leans back on the couch.
“You see, we are actually one and the same person,” Lin explained.
“That’s right. We share the same thought and soul. We just have two bodies,” Len added.
“…How does that work anyway?” I asked, unintentionally raising one of my eyebrow.
“From what I heard, the idea is probably similar to your Zodiac Link, sis Sophia,” Lin explained, “Your mind is linked with all the angels that you forged a link with.”
“In our case, you can say that the two of us are constantly experiencing that effect,” Len added some more.
“Huh…So you can tell what your twin is doing no matter where the other one is?” I asked them.
“Pretty much, yeah. Although, there is a limit on where we can feel each other. The longest distance we’ve been apart is standing on both ends of the village,” Lin explained, “Any further than that, we no longer feel each other.”
“And in such case where we are too further apart, we won’t be able to manifest our powers as well,” Len added, “So in order for us to use our powers, we have to be within a certain range next to each other.”

Now everything kind of made more sense. The pendant was reacting really strange when we got to this village. At first, the pendant reacted probably because Lin was some where near us when we got to the village last night. That was probably also how she knew that mom and I are Zodiac Angels. As a result, when I met her at the village’s statue, the pendant was no longer reacting because it probably assumed that I’ve already met her from last night when it stopped reacting. But then the pendant reacted again, when Lin left.
This time it was probably pointing towards Len who is standing on the other side of the village…

“In any case, Huan. That was my current situation with Sophia,” mom spoke to Lin and Len’s father.
“I see. What a coincidence your daughter also ended up being a Zodiac Angel just like you,” Professor Huan said.
“Right back at you. Your daughters are Zodiac Angels too. Talk about coincidence.” Mom giggled.
“Say, how did the two of you know mom? You must be pretty close to her to know that she’s a Zodiac Angel,” I asked.
“Well, we are friends with your father, Sophia,” Professor Qing replied, “We met your mother after Cliff and her start going out together.”
“We were Cliff’s assistants back then, and we helped him analyze Myria’s powers,” Professor Huan added.
“…Oh. Is that so?” I asked.
“That’s right. It’s a shame that our works were stolen. We really shouldn’t have trusted Lyra,” Professor Huan said.
“Just forget it, Huan. It’s been 20 years. We are safe now, that’s for sure,” Professor Qing said, patting Professor Huan’s shoulder, “Anyway, Sophia, after Cliff heard the news about the Nebula Corp hunting down Zodiac Angels, he immediately packs his stuffs and looks for Myria. Huan and I had nowhere else to go, so we just return to our hometown. It was some times later that Myria wandered here, weak and frail, pregnant with a girl inside her. After we found her, we immediately brought her in and tend her until she fully recovered.”
“Yeah. Sophia and I owe you big time. If I hadn’t meet you two back then, Sophia and I probably wouldn’t be sitting here now,” mom said.
“It’s okay, Myria. Sophia and you are safe now. That’s all that matters,” Professor Qing said.

“…Well, about that, Qing, I wouldn’t be so sure,” mom disagreed, “Those people got Sophia once. I was very lucky that I was able to get her out safely.”
“So the Nebula Corp is out to hunt angels like you down again, huh?” Professor Huan muttered nervously.
“That’s right. I don’t know how, but recently, the Nebula Corp seems to be able to locate the Zodiac Angels scattered around Athenia. I know because I’ve moved several times, but those men were still able to locate me. Luckily, they can’t send those numbers of troops into the city, so I was able to take care of them,” mom explained, “Since they’ve failed at capturing me several times, they probably change their approach and look for other younger Zodiac Angels that just manifested their powers instead.”
“So you’re suggesting that sooner or later, they are going to come here to take Lin and Len away, huh?” Professor Huan said.
“That’s right. So with your permission, I would like to take Lin and Len out of this village with me,” mom said.
“W…Wait, mom. Is it okay to just take their daughters with us like this?” I asked.
I did intend to take the angel in this village away with me at first. But now that we’re talking to their parents, isn’t that a little too straightforward?
“That’s okay, Sophia,” said Professor Qing, “Ever since Lin and Len manifested their powers, we’ve been discussing about this matter for the whole time. If they go with the two of you, I’m sure it’ll be a lot safer for them. From what Myria said, hiding them here probably isn’t a very wise option…”
“We’ll leave Lin and Len in your care,” Professor Huan said, looking at mom, “Sorry for the burden.”
“Don’t say that. I owe my life to the both of you before. It is only natural I return the favor,” mom said.

“In that case, shouldn’t we ask what Lin and Len feel about this first?” I asked and turned to the twins, “Do you girls even want to come with mom and me?”
“We are kind of freaked out about Ophiucus’s return,” Lin said.
“And we are afraid of the Nebula Corp locating us as well,” Len added.
“So all in all…”
“Going with sis and Aunt Myria…”
“…Seems like a better choice for us.”
The two of them took turn speaking.
“Well, if you say so, then I have no objection.” I shrugged.
“Thanks sis!” Lin bowed to me.
“Please take care and train us to be as good as you!” Len bowed to me as well.
“H…Hey…I’m still not very good at using my powers too, you know?”
They are giving me way too much credit.
“With that settled, why don’t you rest up here for today?” Professor Qing said, “We’ll help get you prepared for the road tomorrow.”
“I really want to stay, Qing. But—-.”
“There you go with your paranoid instincts again,” Professor Huan interrupted mom, “Come on, Myria. Stay here over night. It’s nearly 3 o’ clock now. You won’t make it to the next village before the sun sets.”
“I don’t know…” mom muttered hesitatingly.
I’ve never seen her being so hesitant before. It is almost obvious that she wants to stay, but on the other hand, she wants to stick to our plans.
“It’s okay, mom.” I nudge her. “You should stay and chat with your old friends tonight. You already had our routes planned out, didn’t you? If anything emergency happened, we can just follow our plan and leave the village right away.”
She’s been under a lot of pressure, taking care of both herself and me. Now she has to take care of the twins too. She deserves to get some break.
“…Okay then. Thanks, Sophia.” Mom gives me a smile and turns to the professors. “I hope Sophia and I are not bothering you guys.”
“No way. The two of you are my friend’s wife and daughter. This place will always welcome you,” Professor Huan laughs.
“That’s right. Should you run into any trouble, feel free to come back and get some shelter here,” Professor Qing added.
“Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to us,” mom said, smiling.



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