Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 18

Chapter 18 – S

“…Dead…? How can I be dead when I am standing here? I just went to sleep because I was tired,” the blonde lady spoke and looked up at the sky, “…20 years…? It has been that long…?”
She went to sleep?
What kind of sleep is that?
She was obviously petrified into a statue. We all saw that earlier.
“Frey…What happened to you 20 years ago…?” mom asked Miss Frey anxiously.
“I told you. I fell asleep…I was so tired,” she replied, “…It was an extremely deep sleep. And I dreamt too…”
“……About your sister?”
For some reason, it seems like I brought up the wrong topic. All of the sudden, Miss Frey’s eyes, which were filled with grief and sadness, immediately turn to ones burning with rage and vengeance.
“……That’s right…I…saw Fo…She…” Her voice is shaking from obvious anger.
“Frey, listen to me. That day… What happened after I… What happened to the pursuit force that was following us?” mom asked worriedly.
“……I killed them.”
“What!?” mom cried.
“I killed all of them… I killed all of them! I hunted down all the bastards that shot my sister and killed them!” the blonde lady starts to lose her cool posture.
“200 men!?”
“She killed all of them!?”
Lin and Len cried.
“No way…,” I muttered.

She slew 200 men alone!?
That can’t be!

“…I used so much of my powers. After that, I was so tired. So I decided to find some place to sleep. I fell into a deep sleep…,” the lady continued.
“Mom, is that even possible?” I asked.
“That’s not entirely impossible,” mom explained, “She probably overused her power. Cliff said that a Zodiac Angel’s power is unimaginable. As a result, our heart, which is the source of our power, has some form of mechanism that prevents our body from experiencing shock in cases where our power overloaded. Perhaps…her heart puts her into some kind of hibernation after she took down the Nebula Corp’s army…”
“So she has been sleeping in that statue for all this time? So why did she wake—.”

Oh yeah…That’s right…
Earlier, my pendant shot a bolt of light towards her and broke her out of her stasis.

“…The Nebula Corp…” Although, Miss Frey whispered with an extremely soft voice, the rage in her words is still almost apparent. “…It still existed…?”
“Listen, Frey. I’m trying to assemble all the Zodiac Angels together so we can protect Athenia—-.”
“LIAR!!!!!” the blonde lady screamed, releasing some kind of energy force that made us stagger back a step. “Don’t give me that bullshit! You did not care for Athenia! You did not care for anyone! You only care about yourself!!!! You left me! You left me behind!!! EVERYONE LEFT ME!!!!”
“No! Frey! I—-!!”
“SHUT UP!!!”
More energy wave is released from her body, preventing us from getting close to her.
Is there any way to calm her down at all?
“You said it many times…‘Protecting Athenia and everyone is our duty!’…But you ran away! You ran away from the duty you swore!!”
“I had to!!!” Mom cried tearfully, “…I had a child inside me, Frey! I had to protect my girl!”
“Excuses!” Miss Frey screamed and raised her hands into the air. After that, a cluster of dark fog gathers onto her palm, and when it fades, a dark scythe with brooding crimson blades emerges on her hand.
“How dare you even show your face before me again!? What do you really want this time, Myria!?” the blonde lady points her scythe at mom, gritting her teeth in anger.

That moment, my patience snapped. Before I know it, my feet already stepped forward. Mom has always regretted leaving this woman until today. But now that she had the chance to meet this woman again, she just wouldn’t listen to mom at all.
Someone just have to knock it through her thick skull.
“Hey! If you want to vent it out, then do it on me!!” I yelled and reach for the staff strapped on my belt while walking forward.
“Who the hell are you?! This is none of your business. Butt out!” Miss Frey screeched.
“Oh yeah? None of my business!? Well, I was the girl inside mom! I was the reason she had to leave you behind! Is this still not my business!?” I yelled, pointing my staff back at her. “If you want to displace your anger, then do it on me!”
“No! Sophia, you can’t!!!!” Mom cried.
“Hmph! Interesting…You amused me, girl.”

All of the sudden, a wall of dark energy bursts from behind me, separating mom, Lin, and Len on to the other side.
“No…Frey…No!!! You can’t do this, Frey! She’s Fo’s reincarnation!!!!” mom cried.


“What…was that…mom?” I turned around.
“……Fonica Leffeld…Frelica’s only sister…she was the previous Leo Angel…,” mom explained.
“…Fo’s…reincarnation…?” Miss Frey muttered.
“That’s right! Don’t you remember?! Zodiac Angels do not die! Their souls forever wander the cosmos until they are reborn! Your sister’s soul is standing right before you now!” mom cried some more.
Miss Frey remains quiet. She seems to be lost in thought, but after a while, she starts chuckling, and before long, it turns into a loud masochistic laughter as she turns her head up to the gloomy sky.
“…What a pleasant joke fate played upon me…,” the blonde lady spoke up once her laughter subsided. After that, she turns her face down and gazes upon me. “…Girl…What is your name…?”
“I’m Sophia…,” I replied, nervously gripping my staff.
“…Sophia…So…do you want to protect Athenia?” Miss Frey asked.
“Yes, I do. I want to protect this world and every angel from the clutches of Nebula Corp. I—.”
“Very well then. Sophia, let us fight…”
The lady twirls her scythe a couple of times and assumes her battle stance.
“Wait! What!? Why!?”

I have to fight her because I want to protect this world!?
What kind of logic is that!?

“Show me your convictions, Sophia! Show me that you are not all bark and no bite like your mother! Show me, or your life ends here!”
A bright glowing orb then emerges from her right hip. Miss Frey grabs the light with her left hand and hurls it up to the sky.
The light shoots up into the sky, piercing the clouds swirling in turmoil. A weird glyph forms atop the sky and, all of the sudden, an unidentified object dives down from the glyph and lands on the ground just behind Miss Frey, sending the dusts flying all over the place. Behind the looming curtain of dusts is a gigantic winged dragon, standing on its two feet nearly three meters tall covered in dark iron armor. An ominous looking spiked iron ring hovers behind the dragon’s back. He then flutters his metallic bat-like wings a couple of times and roars out loudly before slightly hovering itself above ground.
“No!!! Sophia!!!!” mom cried, pounding the invisible wall barring the two of us with her fists. But the wall simply pushes her away. “Frey! Don’t do this! She’s—-.”
“SHE’S NOT MY SISTER!” Frey yelled back at mom.
“Why…? Why won’t you listen to me!?”
Tears start trailing down mom’s cheeks.

She is crying again. I told myself that I don’t want to see her cry ever again. Yet now, it is happening again. Because of that, I felt rage building up even more from within me.
“It’s okay, mom! I can handle this!” I told mom and place my left hand on my chest. “I’ll smack this woman a peck or two and teach her a lesson!”
The mark engraved on my chest then starts radiating a pale light, spreading a familiar burning pain.


A familiar voice echoed in my ears as I inhale, preparing to announce my loyal servant’s name.
“Roar! I summon you!!! Regulus!!!!”
The king of the jungle with golden mane then emerges behind my back, roaring at the dragon, as if threatening him not to come near his master.
“You want to see my convictions!? Well, I’m more than happy to show you!!” I swing my staff to the side and get ready for battle.



So. I remember someone speculating that Frey is not yet dead. Well, yes, she’s still alive. And apparently, she’s the final boss of Sophia’s chapter ^^

Anyway, some explanation below:

<Contains very minor spoiler for those who haven’t read Viola and Auria’s chapters.>
<Highlight and read it at your own risk>

With the last of the 12 Zodiac Angels revealed, you can probably guess that Frelica’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.
Now, I bet you might be questioning why her Zodiac Beast is a dragon when Capricorn’s sign, FYI, is a horned goat with fish tail. I thought I’d explain this in the trivia but since we have 3 more chapters to go, I figured that I should just explain this here.
The reason I made Algethi a dragon is kind of a Thai pun. The word Capricorn Zodiac in Thai is ‘ราศีมังกร’. The word ‘มังกร’ literally means ‘dragon’, hence is why I made Algethi a dragon. After all, it is obligatory that fantasy stories have a dragon in there some where.


Another note.

Today marks [Zodiac Angels] English Version its first year anniversary!!!!
Yes, if you looked back, [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 01], which is the very first chapter, was posted some time around March last year. However, it wasn’t until August when I started getting comments telling me to continue the update, so I had always took August 17 as the official date when this fiction started.

In any case, thank you everyone who’ve followed this story from the beginning. All of your comments meant a lot to me, and they are exactly what kept me working ^^


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  2. Why did Frey speaks in some sort of ancient past in a form of the boss speech? Isn’t she a modern girl? Shouldn’t she speak like a normal girl?

    And most importantly, does Frey ages beautifully?

    • She sounds ancient? O.o
      I didnt mean for that.

      She slept for 20 years, so her figure of speech might sound a little old.

      Also, yes, she ages beautifully.
      You’ll see her pic after Chapter Sophia is over xD

  3. Didn’t know Capricorn in thai means dragon, but how do you say “ราศีมังกร’” in thai english though?

  4. All zodiac angels, even Ophiucus has the weakness. And that one weakness is that theye are woman…*grins*

    • LOLOL. To be honest, at one point while reading HDXD, I DID think about what would happen if end-story SAV tackles against HDxD casts.

      And then Issei got Dress Break and Bilingual…

      Sophia’s Zodiac Link will have no meaning against that pervert >_>

      • Okay, you guys got me hooked on this kind of stuff, I google it and I roughly know the powers of those perverse skills, but does bilingual(still prefer breast translation) works on flat chested girls or girls who haven’t develop breasts yet?

        If such the man who possesses these skills exist in ZA universe, there would be of no need of zodiac angels. And does those only works on human girls? What about female demon?

        • Issei’s Bilingual works literally on anything that has bewbies, be it flat chests or lolis, humans or demons or angels or youkais or valkyries.
          Bewbies can’t lie, so it’s like an ability to read the thoughts of girls, if you want to take it seriously.

          If a person with that kind of skill exists in the ZA universe, then our ZA party would be in trouble, especially if that bastard joins side with the Nebula Corp…
          Then again, if it’s Issei, there’s no way he’ll help Nebula Corp. He’ll probably side with the side that has more bewbies, assuming ZAs like Miki doesn’t kill him first >_>

            • Yes, nearly all the girls despise Issei. XD

              It’s not Hentai. Originally, High School DxD is a light novel, focusing on Action Adventure with Ecchi-Harem elements, so yes there are so many NSFW materials in it.
              If you ignore all those harem-ecchi moments, then the story is actually very fun.

          • That is so awesome. Won’t mind you putting Issei in ZA universe. Like he fell into some wormhole or something and got warped to ZA universe. Depend on which side he takes, in the end, he got warped back into his homeworld.

            • Dress breaks run with Issei’s perverse and desire to see naked bewbies, so there is really no exceptions.

              Also depending if androids’s fake bewbies turn Issei on, it may or may not work on them.

              • Huh? So I thought dress break only works on real female, so you are saying dress break is fueled by Issei perverseness desire to see bewbies whether they are really female or not?

                Still, I don’t think dress break is meant to see just the boobs only, because the skill actually rip off their entire clothing, right down to their panties.

  5. Wait a sec, Sophia harbors the soul of the previous zodiac angel? I thought you mention there are no memories of any past zodiac angels passing down to next generation, just their power.

    • It was just a figure of speech. Myria was trying to convince Frey not to fight Sophia because Fo – Frey’s sister – is also an Angel of Leo, so in a way, if Frey fights Sophia, it would be like Frey is fighting her sister.

      Which of course is why Frey screamed at Myria that Sophia is not her sister, because the only thing they had in common is the power of the same angel.
      Sophia has no memory of her previous incarnation as Fo.

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