Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 21 [Epilogue]

Chapter 21 – S [Epilogue]

The dragon keeps moving forward and stops in front of Miss Frey.

Did our effort go to waste?
Was there really no way to change Algethi’s mind at all?

The blonde lady simply looks up straight at the dragon. Her back is facing me, so I could not tell what her face looks like right now. If I have to guess though, I’ll guess that she has to be very scared right now.
But then to our surprise, instead of harming Miss Frey, all of the sudden the dragon kneels down on one knee before her.
“…So you changed your mind…?” Miss Frey got up from the ground and placed her right hand on the dragon’s head. “…I’m sorry I disappointed you…”

So it worked?
Algethi has accepted Miss Frey as his angel again?

“…Phew…That’s a relief…I’m beat,” I sighed in relief.
“…Well, Frey. I’m glad Algethi changes his mind about you,” mom said, walking towards her friend.
“Myria…Do you remember Fo’s dying words?” Miss Frey asked while her back is still facing us.
Mom remained quiet for a while, but then she replied with a sad voice.
“……Yeah. I do…” mom replied.
“Um…Really not our place to ask now but…”
“…what did she say?”
The twins asked the same question I had in mind.
“Before Fo died, her dying words were ‘Protect Athenia…’,” Miss Frey explained.

‘Protect Athenia’?
That sounds kind of familiar… Seriously…

“That moment when Sophia called to me, for a split second I thought like I saw Fo’s face in her…,” Miss Frey explained some more, “Because of that, I was suddenly reminded of something Fo told me to do before I went to sleep.”
The blonde lady clenches her right fist until it starts shaking.
“I was a fool,” she continued, “I hated the Nebula Corp for taking my sister away. Fo tried to tell me to move on without her … But I wouldn’t listen. I was so blinded by hatred and I was too scared to move on. In the end, that hatred led me to nowhere else but my own demise.”
“…Frey.” Mom embraced her friend from behind. “I’m so sorry I left you behind that day… Will you forgive me?”
It’s soft, but I could vaguely hear some sobs from her.
“…Hell yeah, I forgive you. You’re my best friend and rival, aren’t you?” Miss Frey giggled, wiping the tears off her eyes. After that, she turns around and faces mom – her best friend and rival.
“I’m glad to hear that … For 20 years, there has been nothing I regretted more than leaving you there alone that day…” mom said, smiling tearfully.
“It’s time to let things go. Sophia was the one who taught me that,” Miss Frey said and walks towards me, who is still kneeling on the ground, “Thanks, Sophia. I owe my life to you…”
“…Aw…Don’t say that. I’m just…I just don’t want you to die.” I smiled nervously.
I take back what I said about her.
She is not a coward. She was just misguided down the path of hatred and vengeance. I was too early to judge her…
The blonde lady then gives me her hand and I gladly take it.

“…So…What exactly are you doing right now?” Miss Frey turns back mom with a serious face.
“Rasalhague…Ophiucus’s servant has showed up again…,” mom explained with the same expression.
“…That jerk again? Hasn’t he learned his lessons yet?” Miss Frey sighed, “Things sure has been rough while I was sleeping.”
“That’s not all. It seems that all of our fellow angels have finally reborn and the Nebula Corp is now hunting them down again,” mom explained, “A couple of days ago, Sophia met some other Zodiac Angels. We are now heading for the Orion Observatory to rendezvous with them.”
“…Orion Observatory…?” Miss Frey asked, slightly tilting her head.
“…Oh right. Back then it was still just a small town,” mom muttered, “That place used to be the Orion Village. It is now a scholar town where people study Astrology.”
“Oh. I see. Things sure have changed,” Miss Frey chuckled, “…But if I correctly recall, that town is not very far from here, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, we should be able to get there by foot in a couple of days,” I said.
Upon hearing my words, Miss Frey starts chuckling.
“…Why walk when we can fly?”
The armored dragon, who has been kneeling down since earlier, bends down and stands on all four, setting the ring behind his back parallel to the ground.
“Hop on to the ring! We’ll fly to the observatory within tonight,” Miss Frey said and hops onto Algethi’s back, sitting down on the ring.
“…Oh god. We’re riding your beast again?” Mom cringed.
“What’s the matter? Scared?” Miss Frey smiled at mom daringly.
“…Hell no.” Mom crossed her arms, frowning.
“Um…Mom, what is it about riding her beast?” I whispered to mom.
“……You’ll know when you get up there…”

…I don’t like the sound of that.

Mom, the twins, and me hop onto the dragon’s back and sit on the ring just like Miss Frey.
“…Okay then. We’re set. Hold on tight!!!!” Miss Frey announced.

………Hold on to what?

At her command, the armored dragon then runs forward fluttering its wings a few times, and before we know it, the dragon already took off from the ground and soars up to the sky.
I couldn’t help but scream as we took off from the ground. My mind was also screaming at my arms, telling them to tightly hug onto the ring. After we already made it to the sky, the wind wasn’t so strong any more, so I carefully get back to sitting straight properly.
“…So…That’s what mom was talking about,” I mumbled. My hands are still holding the edge of the ring tightly. Both Lin and Len were doing the same. The two of them sit next to each other with their hands tightly grabbing the ring’s edge.
“You’ll get used after a while.” Miss Frey laughs amusingly.
“Don’t listen to her, Sophia,” mom said. Observing her hands, I found that she is holding the ring as tight as I am.

After getting used to being on the back of the dragon, the four of us finally start to relax, talking to each other casually. I saw mom, sitting right next to Miss Frey, talking about various stuffs over the past years while she was sleeping. Both of them are laughing joyfully, just like average teen girls chatting. It has been 20 years. The two of them have a lot to catch up.
But more importantly, I’ve never seen mom laughing like this before. I’m glad that she is finally free of regret, and that Miss Frey is finally free of her hatred and grief.

I look up at the glittering stars that decorated the night sky.
While fighting with Miss Frey, there is one thing she said that I am worried about. She told me that if I cannot defeat her, then forget fighting Ophiucus.
Miss Frey was strong. Halfway into the battle with her, I was completely overwhelmed by her skill. It just seemed so hopeless, and to be honest, I don’t even know if I would actually be able to defeat her or not.
If what she said is true, then from now on we are going to face stronger and stronger enemies. Because of that, a part of me starts to worry about what awaits me in the future. But at the same time, another part of me also told me to relax.
I have mom.
I have Miss Frey.
I have Lin and Len.
And there are also other Zodiac Angels on my side.
Auria. Viola…
I will be okay.
…We will be okay. With everyone with me, I just know that we will be able to make it through this ordeal.

With my heart calmed down, I look forward to my new journey to the ocean of stars.


And here we have it everyone! The end of our third heroine’s chapter!

I promise you, from now on the story will get even more intense. The unanswered questions shall be answered, and the untold story shall be unfolded.
We will get to see the return of various non-angel characters as well as the introduction of several new characters.
Our three heroines will now begin the final part of this epic tales of stars.

I hope you enjoyed reading the story so far, and hope you stay tuned for Chapter Ophiucus!



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