Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia Trivia

Here are the Ten Facts about Chapter Sophia that could blow your mind!

This post contains spoilers to [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia]! Proceed at your own risk!

  1. There are a few reasons why I chose Leo Zodiac for Sophia.
    One of them is because lions are considered a family of cats, which Sophia Esteed (who, as the name implied, was the inspiration of Sophia Estella’s character) loves so much.
    Another reason is that in the past, I had three crushes on girls that are Leo Zodiac (and the even funnier coincidence is that three of them are all born on August 19). Considering how Sophia is named after my most loved video game girl, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a fourth Leo girl that I like (lol).
  2. This was not directly explained in the fiction, but Sophia’s power theme is actually NOT ‘Fire’; it’s ‘Star’. It’s just that some of her most basic attacks are fire elemental.
    We already have a Fire Zodiac Angel in Chapter Viola.
  3. Virgo’s Zodiac Sign is a ‘maiden’.
    That alone was kind of a tough theme. At first I designed Spica as a winged goddess that uses light magic. However, that design resembles Aquarius’s Zodiac Beast’s appearance way too much, so I try to come up with another concept.
    Coincidentally, the term ‘maiden’ reminds me of ‘battle maiden’ or ‘valkyrie’. Hence is why I design Spica as her current appearance. Admittedly, one of her early designs is a full rip off of Lenneth Valkyrie from ‘Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth’.
  4. In the original Thai version, Sophia was never captured. The Nebula Corp’s agents came for her, but she was able to fend them off. Afterwards, she travels straight to the Orion Observatory, where Myria was expecting her. It was only after then that Sophia starts traveling to assemble the Zodiac Angels and meets up with Auria and Viola at Grand Central.
    Thinking back, I hated this version of the plot and had no idea why I came up with it (lol).
    Myria’s love for her daughter was never demonstrated at all (at least not in Sophia’s chapter) since she didn’t bother to go look for her daughter even though she knew that Sophia was in trouble through the Connection Pendant (which wasn’t even with Sophia in this version. Myria was holding it until Sophia came to her). And even after that, she didn’t accompany Sophia to Grand Central either, claiming that she has to observe the change in the arrangement of stars to see what would be Ophiucus’s next move (And since Myria didn’t travel with Sophia, she also did not get to meet Frey until Chapter Ophiucus).
    The mother and the daughter also never had the chance to really demonstrate how close their relationships were, despite Sophia telling the readers repeatedly that she is close to her mom.
    Moreover, Auria could not defend herself when she was being kidnapped, and Viola lost to the hooded man once. It wouldn’t make sense if Sophia was the only one among the heroine who could defend herself.
  5. Gemini’s zodiac sign is ‘Twins’. Those twins are of course, none other than ‘Pollux’ and ‘Castor’ from Greek Mythology (credits here and here).
    Incidentally, in Astrology, ‘Pollux’ and ‘Castor’ is also the name of Gemini Constellation’s first and second brightest star, respectively.
  6. In the Thai Version of Chapter Sophia, Lin and Len were already Myria’s students, studying under her both as school students and Zodiac Angels, when Sophia meets Myria. Since I rewrote Sophia’s story for the English Version, I removed Myria, Lin, and Len’s relationships altogether, so that early in the story, the mother and the daughter would have a chance to talk to each other a little more, deepening their relationships.
    This also gave me more chance to play around with Lin and Len’s characters when they first made their appearance since in the previous version, both of them did not have a lot of roles, even during Chapter Ophiucus.
  7. Capricorn’s brightest star is called ‘Deneb Algedi’.
    However, since it’s too long, I dropped out ‘Deneb’ and renamed him as ‘Algethi’ to make it sound cooler (lol).
  8. The Capricorn’s zodiac sign is a horned goat with fish tail. However, the reason I made Algethi a dragon is kind of a Thai pun.
    The word Capricorn Zodiac in Thai is ‘ราศีมังกร’ where the word ‘มังกร’ (reads: ‘Mung-Gorn’) literally means ‘dragon’.
  9. The ring behind Algethi’s wings was to represent Capricorn’s planet – Saturn. (Credit)
  10. Chapter Sophia’s Thai Version had only 16 chapters. This English Version is a ‘rewrite’ not a simple translation. So the two versions, unlike Chapter Viola and Auria, cannot really be compared to one another as they have fairly different flows of stories.
    Both versions ended with berserk Algethi (also known as ‘Merciless Judge’) as the ‘final boss’ though.



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  1. I don’t recall Nat ever demonstrate any true fire power at all. She only seems to spar with Viola and pawns a few soldiers with punches and kicks.

    • I’ve never dated a single one of them xD
      (though, I got somewhat close to the second one…)

      I’m just saying that these three girls I happened to like are all Leo and born on the same day, exactly one different year apart.

  2. So Spica is based on Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile. So would we get to see another character whose design is based on Wild Arms? Maybe like the western cowboy or cowgirl with guns!

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