ZA – Chapter Ophiucus [Prologue]

Chapter 00 – O [Prologue]

The cold winter that made all the trees shed their leaves is about to pass away. The flowers are blooming and the trees are bustling once again. The birds fly out of their nests and begin chirping, as if greeting the coming of spring.
I cast my eyes out of the window, embracing the clear blue sky. Spring was supposed to be a significant season. It is believed to mark the beginning of new season cycle and, most importantly, new life. However, this year’s spring did not exactly mark a joyful beginning of the year for me. While listening to the songs sung by the birds helped ease my mind, the anxiety and pain in my heart is still too apparent to ignore.

I turn towards the gentle voice calling to me. The owner of the voice, a handsome young man with gleaming eyes and a militant body, walks toward me and kneels down next to my mat.
“So how long will you be gone?” I asked.
“…I can’t tell,” the young man said, gently brushing my long dark hair, “The northern tribe will probably not stop until they get their hands on our coal mines. We have to keep fending them off until our supplies are safe.”

Faram has always been a virtuous man.
He is kind to everyone.
He is honest to his lover.
And he is also very loyal to his country.

“But do they really have to send you? Can’t they send other soldiers instead?” I asked.
“We don’t have enough men. Among our populations, there are very few men who can raise their swords. As a citizen of this country, I have to protect my home,” Faram said.
“These people will never stop fighting anyway. So what is the reason to retaliate?” I asked, “Please, Faram. Let’s just run away. Run from this chaos. Run from the fight and struggle. Let’s live together just the two of us…”
“Oh Reisa my dear… You don’t know how wonderful that would be.” He strokes my hair again. “But I cannot do that. How would I be able to face everyone? I would be labeled a coward for running away.”
“Please Reisa. Once this battle is over, I will return and propose you rightfully as my wife. Will you wait for me?”
The young man looks straight into my eyes. His eyes are ones burning with passion and valor. He is more than determined to keep his promise.
“…I will.”
I gave him a smile. But it was a forced one. I could not give him a genuine honest smile knowing that he is about to enter the battlefield where death looms at every corner.
But even so, the young man presses his lips gently on mine. I believe it was meant to be a boost of morale for him, but to me, it felt too much like a kiss of goodbye.
“I love you, my goddess,” Faram whispered those words to my ears before moving for the door, picking up his sword along the way.
“…I’ll wait for you…” I said.
“And I’ll be back.” He replied with a confident smile and leaves the house.

…But in the end he never returned…

The life of a kind man most precious to me…

…taken away by the hands of those stupid greedy arrogant mortals…

They will pay…

I will make them pay…

They want energy…Then I will feed them until they die…


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24 thoughts on “ZA – Chapter Ophiucus [Prologue]

  1. Strange. If Reisa is Ophiucus, why didn’t she uses her power to stop war and save Faram? What’s stopping her from doing it?

  2. I bet Reisa doesn’t even has the power in the first place. She is probably human to begin with before she becomes the angel.

  3. So weird, where is this place setting? Athenia? I think so, because I don’t think the angel world has coal mine or war and stuffs.

    Then why is Ophiucus down on Athenia in the first place? Are angels allow to come down to Athenia whenever they want?

    • Well, it really seems so. Reisa is calling the humans mortals, so that means she must be of godly status, aka Ophiucus.

      But I never heard of guys mentioning anywhere with the female zodiac angels. Maybe there is a war going on between humans and angels?

    • Duh! Of course Reisa is Ophiucus. This is chapter Ophiucus where we are looking into her point of views. Just like Chapter Sophia, Auria and Viola.

      • Actually I doubt Reisa is the original Ophiucus. All the zodiac angels are named after the zodiac sign. This chapter seems very misleading. If Reisa is the original angel, she would have stop the war with the single finger tip and becomes with her true love.

        In summary, Reisa could be the reincarnated Ophiucus.

        • Hello? Have you forgotten Ophiucus got sealed by the 12 zodiac angels? Angels only reincarnate if the previous host dies. Ophiucus never die. She is sealed, so there is no way she can be reincarnated as human.

          • Or maybe it is liked Chrono Cross where Schala creates a clone of herself, called “Kid” during her sealing inside Lavos.

            So in another word, while Ophiucus is confined and sealed, she could have create her clone “Reisa” to carry out her ambition. This Reisa is meant to destroy humanity, but somehow a man called Faram comes along and make Reisa believes slightly in humanity once again, so she holds off her objective.

            What I saying is that, Ophiucus at this point is still in sealing. She will never come out, forever trapped, but her daughter clone, “Reisa” carries out her will.

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