ZA – Chapter Ophiucus 12 S

Chapter 12 – O


“L… Lin!? Len!?”
I know that these two girls have been using their powers some time before me. But to tackle against an opponent that can down Nat’s Hamal in a hit is simply crossing the line.
I can’t let them do that!
“Two of you stay back. I’ll handle this guy.” Miss Frey steps up. It seems like she is concerned about the two girls no less than me.
“It’s okay, Miss Frey.”
“We can handle this!”
The twins insisted.
“But if you want…”
“…You can provide us backup.”
And with that, the two of them steps forward daringly.

They are way too confident!

“Hmph. Interesting. Little girls like the two of you? Let me tell you now that I won’t go easy on you!!!” Sirius raises his gauntlet forward and shoots an energy ball from his arm at the twins.
“Len!!!” The elder twin called to her younger sister.
Hearing so, Len pulls out a small hoop that was strapped behind her back. Placing it in front, the girl let the energy ball flies straight into the middle of the hoop. To our surprise, the shot is magically gone without a trace!
“What the!?” the general cried in surprise.
“What…?!?” I cried as well.

What did they just do!?

All of the sudden, the general cried upon suffering an impact that unknowingly came from behind him.
What the heck just happened!?
“… They redirect the projectile path to Sirius’s back?” Van muttered.
“Ready, Lin!?”
“Let’s go!”
Len enlarges her hoop and places it in front, letting Lin hops through it. Once she proceeds through the hoop, the elder twin disappears as if the hoop was some kind of a gate way to another dimension. At the same time, Lin reappears from above the Star General and steps on his head before hopping into the air again. She then tosses an item resembling a card down onto the ground. The card magically explodes like a firecracker, tipping Sirius off his balance.
While his attention is locked on the firecracker, Len quickly rushes in at the Star General from behind and smacks her iron hoop onto his head. Obviously, with the strength of a high school girl, Sirius didn’t even seem to budge.
“Don’t mock me!!!!”
The general swings his right arm at Len, but the girl blocks it by placing her hoops forward like a shield. Surprisingly, the smack that could blow Nat’s Hamal away for meters couldn’t make Len budge back for more than ten centimeters.
“Lin!!!” Len calls to her twin as she tosses the hoop up into the air above the general’s head. Heeding her sister’s call, Lin tosses another card into the middle of that hoop.
Suddenly, the hoop bursts into colorful explosions like firework right above Sirius’s head. The sparks land on all over his body, slightly burning some of his hair and armor.
“You little annoying brats!!!!” Sirius raises his gauntlet at Lin and shoots another energy shot at her.
Lin hops to the side, dodging it just in time before rushing in at the general again.
“Dammit! I won’t let mere kids mock me!!!!!!”
Out of frustration, Sirius raises his right arm up into the air. The metallic arm then shifts its shape and turns into a mechanical cannon, launching several missiles into the air. Each missile then makes a turn mid-air and homes straight for the twins.
“Len!!!” Lin calls out to her twin and tosses a card down into the ground. After that, huge boulders suddenly pop up from the ground. Len proceeds to swing her hoop, which has magically reappeared back on her hand, and creates a wind current that sends the boulder flying further up into the air. Each boulder crashes into the missiles that Sirius launches, blowing them up before they can reach their targets.

“… You have to be kidding. These girls are way more skilled than me.”
My mouth opens up so wide that I felt as if my jaws just touched the ground. The two of them always seem weak to me as they were the youngest members in our ranks. But now, they are making a veteran super soldier look like a clown!

The struggle continues for a while with Lin and Len throwing various explosives at Sirius, annoying him to no end.
“Okay, Lin! One last time!!!” Len kneels down and places her hoop forward with two hands. A ball of energy starts charging up in the middle of the hoop. Lin stands next to her twin sister with a card glowing in her right hand. Once Len fires the shot forward, Lin tosses her glowing card into that shot, and suddenly, the big glowing energy ball explodes into countless bullets flying straight at the Star General.
Sirius puts up his arm to guard against the various energy shots, but since they are literally flocking in front of him, the general had to helplessly absorb some of the damage.
As a result, the general finally gives in and falls to his knees, breathing restlessly.
“Wow. Dude. Losing to a bunch of high school girls. I wonder what the public would think about the Star Units after this,” Nat muttered then proceeds to mockingly laugh at him loudly.
“Dammit!!!! I won’t——!!!!!!!!!!”
“Sorry, but that was enough play…”
Before the general could act, Miss Frey was already standing right before him. In a single swing, the blonde lady strikes her scythe across the general’s body. The blade did not make a cut on his body, but it created a burst that blew up his black fiber vest, sending him away against the walls.
“… Wow. You really should have just done that from the start,” I muttered.

She downed the guy in a hit. If she could have done that from the start, why let Lin and Len risk something so dangerous?

“No, Sophia. Frey was able to land that attack because Lin and Len wore Sirius out before hand. If she were to strike when he was still in full shape, she wouldn’t be able to deal this much damage in a hit,” mom explained calmly, “From what I’ve observed earlier, Lin and Len’s power is not geared for pure combat like Nat or Frey. Most of their attacks are aimed to slowly wither away their opponents’ strength and stamina. Do you see how easily his armor was cracked in a single hit? It was all thanks to their fireworks.”

I see. I get it now.
That was why Lin and Len told Frey to standby for backup.
The almighty Star General who took down a Zodiac Beast in a hit was slowly and unknowingly weakened to the point where he could fall in a single hit.
That was amazing…

“Dammit… This is not over yet!!!”
The Star General got back up to his feet and assumed his stance again.
“This guy sure is a lot tougher than he looks!” Van spoke up whilst releasing the blades out of her chakram.
Even though the guy was acting tough, I’m pretty sure he knew that it is hopeless. He might have had a chance at first, but now that Lin and Len brought him down to where he was barely able to stand, there’s no way he can take on any of us – including me, who is seemingly the most inexperienced member.

“What a pitiful fight…”
An unfamiliar voice suddenly echoed from above. All of us – including Sirius – quickly turn towards the source. A man in a weird armor can be seen standing atop the power plant’s roof, looking down upon us.
How long has he been standing up there?
“… You… You’re Cebal!!!” mom cried. The anxiety in her tone was almost apparent.
“W… Who is he, mom?” I asked curiously.
“He’s one of Ophiucus’s Zodiac Beast, just like Rasalhague and Priori,” Miss Frey explained
“Hmph… What an underwhelming battle. To try to take on six Zodiac Angels at once was one thing, but to lose to the youngest one of them? I guess the Star Unit really is just a bunch of laughable clowns.” The man on the roof shook his head.
“What did you just say!?” Sirius yelled, gritting his teeth, “Come down here and say that——-!!!!”
Before he could finish, a loud ‘swoosh’ sound was heard and suddenly, the man named Cebal is already kneeling down in front of Sirius with his katana brandished.
“What’s the matter? Were you saying something? I didn’t quite catch that.”
In just a blink of an eye, the Star General’s body was then split into two and blood splattered all over the place.

That was… ridiculous…
How could he swoop down from the roof that fast!?

“Just our luck! First, a Star General. Now, an Ophiucus Servant!?” Van grits her teeth.
“I assume you angels are here for the fragment of my master’s immortal body, are you not?” Cebal turns his attention towards us.
“…You knew about the fragment!?” I cried.
“Of course. These stones are a part of my master. I cannot let you have it,” the man spoke up and points his katana at us, “Priori told me about your work at the Orion Observatory. All of you sure did a number on my minions. I came here today to settle some scores.”
All of the sudden, the sky darkens and a dark cluster of dark ominous fog forms on the sky, just like at Grand Central and Orion Observatory. In just a few seconds, several lumps of meat rain down from the sky and lands on the ground around us. Each of them then slowly shifts its shape into a blood thirsting hound, exactly like the pack that was attacking Orion Observatory.
“…This doesn’t look too good,” mom said, while tightly gripping her sword.
“Is this man strong, mom?” I asked.
“Last time we fought him 20 years ago, he did quite a number on us,” mom said, “If he is alone, then it might not have been so nerve racking, but with reinforcements like this… And not to mention that we should avoid using our Zodiac Beasts against these guys…”

… Oh yeah…
Back at the Orion Observatory, Nat suffered the same injury Hamal took when he rushed for Priori. Somehow, the Ophiucus Servants can directly injure us by attacking our Zodiac Beasts, unlike normal cases where we simply feel their pain.
If Regulus’s arms were to be cut by this man’s blade, then my arm…

“Well, we don’t have any choice, Myria.” Miss Frey steps up to the front with her scythe. “Don’t worry, the three of us can handle this.”
“Three of us…? Um… Me too?”
“Yes, you, Sophia,” mom said.

Why me!?
I understand mom and Miss Frey volunteering to take care of this man because they’ve probably had fought him before.
But what about me!?
My powers aren’t even that strong! Nat is way—-.
…Oh, Nat’s left shoulder is still hurt, isn’t she?
I turn to the red haired girl who is still tightly clenching onto her left shoulder. She might not have any external injury right now. But she is probably not in her best shape.

“Sophia,” mom whispered, “You have the Zodiac Link. That would be our biggest advantage against him. Initiate it when I told you to do so.”
Oh… My pendant, huh?
The Zodiac Link allows us to collaborate our attacks together via some sort of telepathy. It is extremely useful in team battles where cooperation is essential.
“Got it. Understood.” I nodded obediently.
“Van. Nat. Lin. Len. Can you take care of the Hunters while we fight this guy?” mom asked everyone else.
“No problem. I’m on it,” Van replied.
Nat and the twins don’t seem to object either.
I guess I was right about Nat hurting her arm. If she is in her top shape, she would have had eagerly volunteered to fight Cebal too.
“Well then, you done allocating your roles?” Cebal taunted and assumed his stance. “Let us enjoy this battle. Try not to disappoint me!”



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