ZA – Chapter Ophiucus 15 A

Chapter 15 – O


My heart races as I hit the speed dial for his number while sitting on the edge of the bed. I am about to hear his voice again and that makes me extremely nervous. It did not even take more than three seconds for him to pick up the call. He probably must have been waiting for a call from me this whole time.
“Hey,” I spoke into the phone the moment it connected.
“Auria! Auria, is that you!?”
His voice is just as anxious as last time. Since I blocked his calls, my phone no longer records his attempts to call me. But even so, I know that he must have been making a few hundred calls during then.
“How have you been!? Where are you!? What the hell is going on now!? Tell me!!!!” He bombarded me with several questions at the same time. I was suddenly unsure of what I should say.
Should I answer all of his questions one by one first?
… I want to talk to him a little more leisurely, but now is definitely not the time for that. After all, everyone is waiting for me down stairs. There are some serious matters that I need to discuss with him.
“Can I meet up with you?”
Instead of replying his questions, I asked mine back with a calm voice. Deep down, I felt really bad for doing so. He had been so concerned about my safety, yet I selfishly asked my question without answering his.
“O… Of course you can! Don’t you know how worried I am!?” he cried.
“… in secret?”
“Can we meet together in secret? Where no one else can know that we meet up?”
“…… What’s the matter, Auria? What happened? Why are you suddenly being so secretive?”
The tone of his voice suddenly changed. Instead of sounding anxious and frustrated, now he seems confused. I can hardly blame him since he has absolutely no idea what is happening on my side right now. First time, I called him and told him that I’m fine while crying incomprehensible gibberish. Now I’m telling him in a calm voice to meet him in secret.
“There’s something I need to discuss with you in secret,” I explained.
“Can’t you at least tell me what’s going on right now? Why do we have to do that?”
He still wants some explanations. Considering his normal hot-tempered nature, I could tell that he is trying his best not to burst.
“It’s a long story. I can tell you the details when we meet up,” I continued calmly, “Listen, Lynus. We can’t let anyone know that we are meeting together.”
Instead of answering me, the young man remained speechless.
“Please… Can I trust you?” I pleaded, “I… At this point, I don’t know who else I can turn to…”
“…Well, you’re not gonna tell me here no matter what I say, right?” I can hear him sighing. “…Fine then. At least it’s better than letting you cut the line off again.”
“T… Thanks, Lynus…”

I… I did it!
Thank goodness, he is so kind!

“So… Where should we meet up?” he asked me.

…Oh dear.
I told him I want to meet him in secret, but I totally forgot to think about a meeting place.
Where should we meet up with him?
No. That wouldn’t be good for us. This is currently our base of operation, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to let an ‘outsider’ know where we are. Moreover, this is Sarin’s mansion. I don’t have the liberty to invite a guest here.

“…You haven’t thought about where we should meet?”
He saw right through me…
“In that case, is my vacation house okay with you? The one we went together last summer…”
Last summer…
Oh… The Corvus Villa around the eastern shore?
It was a peaceful villa resort located further to the east of Eternia. Lynus’s father bought one of the villas and his family often went there during long holidays. Last summer, he took me out of Eternia to that villa and we stayed there together over night just the two of us.
Even during the peak season, there were only a few guests in the area since only a handful of people have enough income to buy that kind of luxurious villa. And it is the low season right now, so there should be next to no guest there. It’s just a perfect place to meet up in secret and it’s not even that far from here. From a rough estimation, we should be able to get there in no more than two days of car ride.

“Got it… That will do. I’ll see you there in two days,” I said.
Two days…
In two days, I’ll be able to see his face again…
“… Hey.” Before I could hang up, the young man called to me one last time.
“……I love you…,” he whispered. “And I miss you…”
My heart races even faster than before. Tears started welling up in my eyes as well.
“… I miss you too…”
I miss him so much.
I want to talk to him more about various random stuffs, not depressing ones. I want him to embrace me and tell me that everything will be okay, just like that night.
“I’ll see you at Corvus Villa in two days.”
“Okay. Bye…”

And with that, the two of us hang up at the same time.
I hug the pillow and weep for a while, not because it was so painful to hang up like last time, but because I was so happy that I’ll get to see him soon.
In any case, after wiping my tears and making sure that I don’t sob any more, I move down stairs back to the living room where everyone else is waiting.
“… So?” Viola was the first to speak to me.
“Let’s go everyone. We’re going to the Corvus Villa,” I said.
“That sea side resort villa, huh?” Sarin mumbled, “Much expected from the son of the Richter Electronics.”
Considering her background, I guess both her and Lynus have similar lifestyle, so no wonder she seems to know what the villa is like.
“We’re going all the way back to Eternia? Isn’t that a little far away from where we are?” Orica asked.
“Yeah. It’s a little far, but we can make it in two days. That’s why we should move out right after we’ve prepared ourselves,” I suggested, “Since we are only going to talk with him, I don’t think all of us have to go there together at once.”
“That’s true. We also need some people to guard over the Ophiucus Fragment here as well,” Miss Myria said.
“… Seriously, why don’t we just smash the bloody stone?” Nat mumbled while looking at the stone which is now with Sophia, who seems to be carefully observing it.
“There are so many things we don’t understand about this stone. As long as it’s not anything harmful to us, we should keep it with us safely for now. Who knows? We might be able to somehow give them a taste of their own medicine,” Van said.

“Well then Auria, you decide on the party this time. Who do you want to go with you?” Viola proposed.
“I’m going!!” Orica volunteered. “I missed bro Lynus too!”
“Okay okay.” I giggled at her eagerness.
“I’m going too,” Miki volunteered as well, “You need a car. I’ll take you there.”
“Thanks Miki.”
She really is a good person…
“I know you haven’t fully recovered yet, but can you go with me, Viola?” I turned to the purple haired girl. I admire Viola and view her as a very respectable person. Plus, she seems to understand why I trusted Lynus so much, so I feel a little more at ease if I have her with me.
“Sure. I don’t mind. I can’t let things like this weigh me down,” Viola agreed with a smile.
“Thanks,” I said and turned to Sophia’s mother, “Miss Myria, can you come with me too?”
“Oh? Me?” She seems a little surprised I asked her.
“Yes. You are the most mature member among us. I want you to help me negotiate with Lynus just in case,” I said.
“I see. Okay then, I’ll go too.”
I’m so glad she agreed.
Now that’s five people. Who else should I bring with me?
I look around the place for volunteers, but it seems like no one else is raising their hands any more. Somehow, my eyes happened to stop on the emerald eyed brunette who has been observing the Ophiucus Fragment since a while ago.
Well, since Miss Myria is going, maybe it’ll be better to ask her daughter to go with us too?
“…Sophia?” I called to her.
“H… Huh!? Wha!?”
The girl gave a jump and fumbled with the stone, almost dropping it onto the floor. Her mind was obviously elsewhere earlier.
“Hm? Is something bothering you, Sophia? You’ve been awfully quiet…”
She hasn’t spoken a word ever since we got back to the mansion. While we were discussing about our next operation, she was the only one sitting quietly, gazing at the Ophiucus Fragment without saying a word – even Miki spoke more than her.
“Oh… It’s… nothing. I’m just thinking about stuffs,” the brunette replied with a nervous smile.
That moment, my eyes happened to catch onto Sophia’s pendant.

That’s right.
Viola told everyone about Fiore’s power and how it resembles Sophia’s pendant’s power so much. She must have been thinking hard about it right now…

“Would you like to come with me?” I asked her.
“…Um… Huh? S… Sorry, I wasn’t listening. What were we discussing again?” The brunette passed the Ophiucus Fragment to Van who is sitting right next to her.
“We’re going to meet with Auria’s boyfriend and ask if he can cooperate with us,” Viola explained, “You wanna come too? Your mom is going too.”
“Oh… Um… Yeah. I’ll go too,” Sophia said reluctantly and stands up immediately.
“Then that’s settled. Let’s prepare ourselves and leave right away,” Miss Myria suggested, “Frey. You and the rest stay at the mansion and guard the Ophiucus Fragment.”
“No problem. Leave it to me,” Miss Frey replied.

“So everyone. Let’s go,” I told everyone in my group and head out of the room.


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