ZA – Chapter Ophiucus 19 A

Chapter 19 – O


I press my palms onto the glowing light orbs on the control panel, and the robotic scorpion snaps its pinchers a few times, threatening the two Ophiucus servants. We have no time to waste. If these two are standing in our way, then we just have to take them down!
“No, Auria!!! You can’t use Zodiac Beasts against them!!” Viola cried anxiously.
“Wait, Viola!” Orica taps onto Viola’s shoulder. “Sis is not reckless. She knows what she is doing…”
“You all never learn, do you!?” Hans spreads his arms and charges two orbs of energy on his palm. After that, he tosses the orb forward, and as it homes in at me, the orbs shift their shapes into glowing light spears. At my command, the scorpion lifts its pincher up and takes full hit from the light spear.
“…!? What the!? What’s going on!?” Hans cried.
The light spears pierced through Antares’s pinchers, creating a hole, and disappeared, but my arms are completely unharmed. To top that up, the holes on the pinchers are instantly fixed after the spears dispersed.
“You idiot! Have you already forgotten Antares’s special ability!?” Priori yelled at his partner.

“That’s right. It’s useless… Your [Connected Harm] ability has no effect on my master, because I am the only Zodiac Beast whose body is not connected with his master! I am the ultimate shield!!!!”

Antares’s voice echoed in my ears, even though it seems like he was talking to those two.
Just as I thought… Since I do not share the pain Antares receives, their special ability that allows them to inflict injuries through attacking Zodiac Beasts also have no effect on me.
“Let’s go, Antares!”
The mechanical scorpion charges energy on his right pincher and shoots a huge energy ball forward. Priori and Hans try to dodge the shot, but it explodes and the two were caught in the blast. Priori spreads wings and soars into the air to regain his balance while Hans rolls on the ground away from the explosion.
The two try to unleash something back at me, but I did not give them a chance. Antares points his tail at Hans and shoots an electrical beam at him. It was a clean hit and the muscular Ophiucus servant was blown away. At the same time, Antares raises his right pincher and shoots another sparkling electrical ball at Priori. The winged Ophiucus servant dodges the shot by flipping to the side and fires several shadowy beams down on me.
Antares curls his tails down and puts his pincher up, covering the pilot chamber. Most of the shots were covered by his pinchers and the rest that were not covered are negated by the force field covering me.
A loud roar was heard and the ground suddenly shakes from Hans’s thundering stampede as he marches at me with both of his fists raised up. He throws a punch at me, but Antares blocks the punch just in time. Still, I could tell how intense the force from his punch was because the robotic scorpion was forced to move back a bit.
Before he could throw another punch, I make the scorpion perform a turnabout spin and smack the Ophiucus servant with the scorpion’s tail. However, he tightly hugs onto the tail to avoid getting thrown away. Seeing so, Antares smacks Hans’s body against the ground repeatedly until he finally let go of his grab.

“… Woah… I’ve… Never seen such a one-sided fight like this…,” Viola muttered as she watched the battle.
“Well, she completely turned the table around like this when I was brainwashed too,” Orica told the purple haired girl.
Now that she said it, back then it was also like this. The minute I summoned Antares, the battle was instantly decided. Orica and Sandalsuud were no match for Antares at all.
“Don’t get so cocky!!! We’re not done yet!!!!” Priori announced and soars into the sky. Spreading his wings, all of the sudden several orbs of energy rain down on the ground, creating explosions everywhere. The force field covering the pilot chamber seems to be able to withstand this attack just fine, but…
“Argh, dammit!!!”
I heard Viola cursing as she struggles to dodge the raining energy. It seems like Miss Myria and the rest are having trouble as well.
“Haha! How’s this!? No matter how fast you are, you won’t be able to dodge if my attacks are all over the place!!!!” Priori laughed victoriously.
So he turns to attack my friends instead because he knows that he cannot harm me!?
After the barrage, I could only see smokes and dusts flying everywhere. Viola and the others seem to not be harmed severely, but our formation was a mess and they were completely worn out.

“Please, everyone! Don’t give up yet!”
A small orb of light flies out from my palm and splits into five before homing towards everyone. Once the light touches their bodies, it expands and engulfs them. Suddenly, all the wounds on everyone’s body are healed and they got back on their feet with a puzzled look.
“H… Healing Toss!?” Hans cried while getting up from the ground.
“Long range healing spell? When were you able to do that!?” Viola muttered in disbelief.
So far, I was only able to heal everyone using the Healing Light radiating from Anty’s body. But maybe because of the second limiter removal, I can now toss the Healing Light and heal everyone from long range. The recovery rate is considerably faster than before too!!

“D… Dammit! I guess we really have to take out that girl first!!!!” Hans yelled and rushed straight towards me.
“Hans!!! Stop!!!!” Priori tried to warn his friend but it was too late.
At my command, the scorpion thrusts his pinchers and tail into the ground. Hans, who was traveling at full speed, crashes into an invisible impenetrable wall. It seems that Antares’s Energy Shield can be expanded and used to protect against an incoming attack like this as well.
While Hans is stunned, I close my eyes and begin chanting another incantation ringing in my ears.

In my hand…
The ultimate spear which can even pierce the mightiest of shields…
Destroy all that obstruct our path!!!!

After the chant, a sparkling lance emerges on my right hand and urges me to hurl it forward. Antares thrusts his stinger into Hans’s abdomen and hurls him into the air.
“[Lightning Spear]!!!!!”
I toss the spear forward with all my strength. The spear pierces the muscular Ophiucus servant’s body and drags him towards Priori.
The impaled Hans flies straight onto Priori and the two were dragged away as far as we can see before exploding into a huge column of light in the sky.
After the light fades, the two bodies fall down to the ground. I dismiss Antares and run to where the two of them are lying along with Viola and the others.
The two Ophiucus servants’ bodies are completely burnt to a crisp, but somehow, they are still able to move.
“Ugh…” Priori moaned as he tries to get up from the ground.
“We… underestimated the Scorpio Angel,” Hans said, “… Dammit… The title of the strongest Zodiac Angel… is really not just for show…”
“Even though you are merely the reincarnation of Lady Anastasia, you still possess this much power!?” Priori grinds his teeth together in frustration.

Who’s that?
… Whoever that is, I guess it doesn’t matter right now.

“That’s what you get for messing with the most powerful Zodiac Angel!!!” Orica laughed proudly.
“You don’t have to keep reminding everyone of that, you know?” I scratched my cheek in embarrassment.
“Hahaha.” Hans chuckled. “I’m… not gonna argue on that. There’s a reason why my master feared you, you know? Or rather… her sister inside you.”
Feared me?
Ophiucus… feared the angel inside me!?
“Don’t… bother talking to them… Hans… Whatever they do… There’s no way… they can stop our master.” Priori gasped. “After all… foolish humans that do not understand her feelings cannot… stop… her… Her plans… were already in motion.”
“Haha… You’re… right, mate,” Hans said, choking blood, “Athenia… is beyond salvation… Enjoy your life on this filthy world… while you still can…”
“Hey, answer me! What do you mean by we don’t understand Ophiucus!?” Sophia quickly rushes to the front and grabs the collar of Priori’s robe while interrogating him. All of us were startled when we saw her do that. “That’s the third time I heard you guys said that! Answer me!”
“Haha… For someone… who called my master ‘evil’… to want to understand my master… what an irony.” Priori chuckled under his dying breath.
“Just tell me!! What do we not understand about Ophiucus!?” Sophia cried. “I… I didn’t want to fight her. But because I wanted to protect this world, that’s why I thought of her as ‘evil’.”


“So tell me the truth!” the emerald eyed brunette continued her interrogation. “What do we not understand!?”
“Hmph… If… you really want to understand my master… then go… go to where… you got this pendant.” Priori points his index finger to Sophia’s pendant with a daring smile as his body breaks down to dust along with Hans.
“… Where… I got this pendant…?” Sophia muttered and stands up, tightly holding on to her pendant.

“Wow, Sis!!! You took down two Ophiucus servants alone!” Orica hopped onto my back gleefully.
“Woah, hey, not so hard!!!” She really does not seem to understand the mood of the atmosphere right now.
“Sophia,” Miss Myria called to her daughter and pats her shoulder, “We got what we came here for. Let’s discuss about the pendant later.”
“………Okay.” Sophia stands up reluctantly after a soft whisper.
“Well, we’re done here. Let’s just go back to the warehouse,” Viola suggested.
“Yeah! Let’s!” I replied to her cheerfully
I understand Sophia’s concern about her powers, but there is really nothing we can discuss about it right now.
Just like Miss Myria said, our top priority right now is to secure the mines. With all of that done, we can finally go back to destroying the Nebula Corp.



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  1. If Auria beats Han and Priori and Saki is as powerful as Auria, but she auto loses to 1000 NEF, does that mean Han and Priori will lose to 1000 men?

    • Basically, that’s the idea.
      Although, the fact that Auria is here is the best proof that Saki is dead.
      The only one staying with her then is Viola 20-years ago, who is now essentially dead, depending on how you look at it.

      If my plan to ever write the prequel of this story happens, then we might get to see what actually happened to Saki 😀

      • You really make me more curious about this Saki girl. We were already shown how powerful Antares display when party with Auria. It’s kinda hard to stomache the most powerful ZA will fall to mere mortal men of Nebula Corp. Damn it, I want to know how she dies!

        • Well, Rokishi sorta hinted why Viola and Saki lost xD

          To exactly put it, there were over 1000 NEF officers chasing Myria, Frey, Fo, Viola, and Saki.
          By the time they defeated Viola and Saki and caught up with Myria, Frey, and Fo, there were only 200 left (and Frey slaughtered the rest before going to sleep)

          Guess who put that big dent on the officers’ numbers? 😛

  2. I think the rest of 11 remaining zodiac angels could just sit back and sips on a cool soda drink while Auria takes care of the minion pests for them, LOL!

  3. Too strong…If Auria can take on 2 Ophiucus beast with just two limiters removed. Once she unlocks all limiters, she can take on all of them alone, without any other help.

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