ZA – Chapter Ophiucus 22 – Author’s Note

Author’s Note

Notes for this week’s update are here! Lots to talk about >_<

This post contains spoilers to [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Ophiucus 22]!!
Proceed at your own risk!

  1. To be honest, I’ve never realized that so many people hate Miki to the point of expecting her to betray the group o.o
    I mean, sure, she’s harsh and mean, but that doesn’t instantly say that she’s a bad person. In fact, she’s among my top favorite Zodiac Angels, character-wise.
    I’m not expecting anyone to have a 180 degrees turn on their views for Miki, but I hope that at least this past chapter have opened a bit more insight regarding Miki’s true color to everyone.
  2. Yes, I bet you all are wondering what is Viola’s ‘new secret technique’. Don’t worry. We will get to see it REAL soon 😉
  3. Oh yes. I forgot to tell everyone this back in Sophia’s chapter.
    Lin and Len’s parents are actually named after my mandarin name! My mandarin name is Wu HuanQing, where the word ‘Huan’ (歡) means ‘Welcome’ and ‘Qing’ (慶) means ‘Celebrate’ (‘Wu’ is my mandarin family name). The rationale behind my name was that I’m the eldest kid of my grandparents, which are Chinese Descendants.
    As for why I decide to use my name here, it’s because Gemini is my Zodiac ^^.
  4. The idea of Lauress commenting on Auria’s sense of fashion was thanks to my sister, lol. One day, when looking at the banner for Zodiac Angels, she asked me:
    “You like Auria the least or what? Why is her dress so bland?”
    When I explained the reason Auria is wearing plain clothes to her, she scolded me that it’s an excuse of laziness. What she suggested was to get Auria new outfit in the middle of the story (how I come up with it was totally my problem though, or so she said, lol).
  5. Yes, Sarin-fans. She is about to have a bit more major role in the next few chapters.
    Congratulations. XD

And that’s all I have to say for this week’s update!
The sidestory-ish session ends here. Hopefully, it was an enjoyable break from the intense events!
The main story continues in the next update!

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  1. Why would you need a Chinese name when you already have a thai name? Seems redundant. And I do am curious about Viola’s new technique. What’s it going to do?

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