ZA – Chapter Ophiucus 24 V

Chapter 24 – O


“Ha! You’re gonna take me on with only you and your two fishes!?” Oscar laughs mockingly as Miki fearlessly steps towards the robotic copter with saw-blade arms.
“Nope. I’ll take care of you by myself,” Miki replied with determine eyes.
“How stupid!!! You’ll regret not coming at me with your friends!!” Oscar taunted. The robotic copter swings its saw blade around, threatening the twin pony-tailed girl. But she still shows no sign of fear. “Don’t you remember how I almost beat you to death last time!? You don’t have your scorpion friend to save you this time, you know!?”
“Well then, which arm should I destroy first? The left one or the right one?”
Ignoring Oscar’s gloat, Miki starts tracing a huge square – about her height – in the air in front of her using her right dagger.
“Dammit!! Don’t mock me!!!!!!”
Provoked by Miki’s attitude, Oscar taps the lever on his control panel and commands the robotic copter to moves forward with its left saw-blade lifted up towards Miki.
“The left one huh?”
In a blink of an eye, Miki steps through the square that she traced earlier and disappears into thin air. Everything after that happened so fast that I could not exactly tell what happened. By the time, my eyes could detect her again, she has already landed on the ground behind the robotic battle copter.
In a split second, she travels the distance of 10 meters forward pass the copter while completely slicing the mechanic saw-blade arm to mere scraps…

“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!?!?” Oscar cried in shock while trying to get his robotic copter back in balance.
“There’s something you should know about this fight and our last fight, Oscar. Ever since I traveled with Auria, I’ve been doing nothing but hold back and hold back,” Miki said, “The only reason the mind-controlled Lauress and Orica were able to even hit me was because I was not allowed to kill them. And the reason I told Viola and the others to stay back was so I can unleash my full power against you.”
“D… Don’t get so cocky just because you destroyed one of my arms!!!!”
The robotic copter quickly turns around at the twin pony tailed girl. The three gatling guns installed on the copter stretches out and turns into a new arm, as if to make up for its lost saw-blade arm. The gatling gun arm then unloads all clips at the twin pony tailed girl. However, Miki quickly dashes to the side at an incredible speed, circling around the copter. The shots were nowhere close to hitting her at all.
“I… Impossible!!! You weren’t this fast last time!!!!” Oscar cried. Somehow, his voice has completely changed from a cocky one to one filled with fright. It seems like he has just comprehended the gap between his robot’s power and Miki. No matter what he threw at her, none of his attacks hit Miki at all.
The robot keeps firing madly, but his ammunition is not infinite. After a while, the gatling guns are no longer shooting out any bullets.
“Oh? Out of bullets already? Then let me get rid of something you don’t need!!!!”
Miki dashes towards the robot and begins slashing it mercilessly with her daggers. I could vaguely see blue aura emanating from the blades of her daggers, increasing the length of her blades, as she dances around, slicing everything like hot knife through butter.

“Ho… She IS pretty fast,” Van spoke up while analyzing Miki’s battle.
“Is she faster than you?” I asked curiously.
“I’d say our speed is just about the same, but I have to admit that her attacks definitely seem more solid than mine,” Van said, nodding thoughtfully.
“Wow. I never realized that she has been holding back this whole time…,” Nat said. Her eyes are locked on the battle, blinking only when necessary.

“I’m not done yet!”
The robotic copter moves its right saw-blade arm and attempts to slice the twin pony tailed girl. Miki quickly hops out of the blades’ range and gains some distance, sighing as she looks at Oscar in pity.
“When are you going to realize that it’s useless?” Miki asked.
“Shut up!!! SHUT UP!!!! I’m not gonna lose!!!! I’m gonna take you back to my laboratory and I’m gonna become the next lead scientist for Nebula Corporation!!!!!” Oscar yelled.
He sounds exactly like a sore loser now.
“…… Fine. I guess I have to destroy that thing you’re riding before you open your eyes.”
With that, Miki spreads her arms to the side and her daggers start glowing pale blue light.
“You see, when I first manifested my powers, I froze everything within two kilometers radius around me. That was the extent of my freezing power. However, the more distance I cover, the less control I have over it. Because of that, I’ve been training on this ability ever since I had better controls of my power; I forfeit ‘distance’ and concentrate only on ‘control’.”
After her explanation, Miki’s body slowly levitates about half a meter into the air. Then, she swirls into the air and suddenly, the whole field around her was instantly frozen to ice in a blink of an eye, as if a winter blizzard just hit that particular area alone. The robotic copter was completely frozen and its saw-blade arms stopped moving.
“Wha!? What the!? Come on!!! Move!!!!”
Oscar desperately tries to move the levers on his control panels, but of course nothing happens.
“It’s useless, Oscar. Do you really think you can still move your machine when I focused all of my two-kilometer freezing power into just a small patch of area?”
After her taunting speech, Miki starts tracing another square in the air, exactly like her first move in this battle.
“Oscar… It’s over…”
“D… DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

In a blink of an eye, Miki rushes through the square just like earlier and reappears behind the frozen robotic copter, which has now shattered into mere specks of snow, sparkling in the air. The scientist falls down in the middle of the snow patch, completely unarmed.
“Wa… Waaaahhhhh!!!!”
Scrambling his feet, Oscar quickly gets up and tries to run away from Miki. However, out of instinct, I toss Zubenes’s shield onto the ground in front of him, blocking his path. Panicked, the scientist stumbles and falls hard to the ground.
“N… No! NO!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!” Oscar gets up and turns his tail, only to run into the blue haired merman, slightly hovering above the ground. Piscium yanks the collar of the scientist’s gown and lifts him up, stopping him from running.
“I thought I told you not to interfere.” Miki looks at me and sighs while sheathing her daggers.
“Sorry. That was a slip of hand.” I shrug.
“P… Please! Have mercy on me!!! Don’t kill me!!!” Oscar cried and pleaded for life while struggling to break free.
“…… Oh my… Whatever happened to that cocky attitude?” Frey laughs amusingly. “Are all the Nebula Corp scientists a coward like this?”
“Well, they’re cocky only they have an upper hand,” Van replied to Frey, rolling her eyes.
“Hey… Miki,” I called to the twin pony-tailed girl.
“What?” the twin pony tailed girl asked.
“He’s all yours,” I replied.
“You don’t have to tell me that.” Miki then walks towards the scientist, sheathing one of her daggers.

Miki’s second Zodiac Beast, Eta the mermaid, emerges hovering right behind her as Piscium tosses Oscar down to the grassy field. After that, several ice pillars rise from the ground, confining Oscar in prison made from ice bars.
“Oscar… Do you know how my brother, Marcus, died?” Miki asked the scientist who lies trembling on the ground, “Five NEF officers emptied their assault rifle clips on him from all directions. Wanna know how that feels like?”
Upon Miki’s finger snap, Eta strokes her harp and suddenly, several ice spikes appear hovering in mid-air, all pointing at the scientist.
“These aren’t rifle bullets, but it should be similar enough,” she said with a cold voice, crossing her arms.
“P… Please!!! Don’t kill me!!! I don’t wanna die!!!” Oscar cried.
“…… Oh? Have you finally regretted what you’ve been doing until now? Have you finally realized how much of my life you have destroyed?” Miki asked with an unwavering cold voice.
“Y… Yes!!! P… Please forgive me!!! I don’t wanna die!!! I’m sorry about your brother!!!” Oscar cried to the top of his voice as tears traced down his face. His eyes are filled with fear – the fear of death.
“Well, guess what, Oscar.” Miki sighs and rolls her eyes. “I don’t care…”
At her command, the ice spikes all rain down into the ice prison at the same time. I know I’ve been fighting a lot of NEF and Star Unit officers, but I still automatically turn my face away to avoid directly witnessing the horror.

“…… Huh? What? Why?”
After the sound of the onslaught subsided, I heard Nat mumbling something while still looking at the ice prison. Curious, I turn to see it as well. To my surprise, the onslaught of raining ice spikes did not hit the trembling scientist at all. The ice spikes landed on the grassy ground, leaving Oscar completely unharmed.
…She missed?
Hell no…
No way…
With that number of ice spikes, there is no way all of that can miss.
“… You’re not gonna kill him?” Frey asked Miki in surprise.
“How would I be any different from him if I murder a completely unarmed coward…?” Miki sighs and turns away from Oscar, sheathing her daggers. “He’s not worth dirtying my hands for it. I’m not gonna stoop that low.”

There is an old saying that says, ‘one would not fear death until one has encountered it’.
Perhaps it is true…
Seeing Oscar begged for his life like this reminds me of the thugs that attacked me when all this started. I was simply defending myself and I threatened him so he would stop trying to attack me. Of course, I’ve never for once thought about taking his life when he pleaded me to spare him.
Because of that, I can’t help but wonder if I would grow soft for Rokishi if he was actually begging for his life at his last moments. Perhaps I did not hesitate to drive my spear down on him because he never showed any signs of remorse for what he has done to mom and me…

“Let’s go. Sarin, you want to meet your father, didn’t you?” Miki said, “He’s waiting for you in the manor right now.
“Oh. Y… Yeah…” Sarin nods. She seems to still be astonished by Miki’s mercy.
“Well then, lead the way,” Miki said.
Just as the six of us turns towards the mansion, I heard a soft ‘clack’ coming from our backs.
“Dammit. Dammit. Dammit!!!!!”
As I turn around, I notice the scientist standing up in the middle of the ice prison. His hand reaches inside his white gown and pulls out a pistol.
“Damn bitches!!! Don’t mock m—–Uwaaaaaggghhhh!!!!!!”
However, before he could even aim it at us properly, something pierces through his chest. It was a trident. Piscium was hovering behind Oscar the whole time.
Oscar tried to say something, but then Piscium flicks his wrist and snaps the scientist’s body in two, splattering his blood all over the ice prison. And with that, the scientist finally stops moving.
“Well, now you’re an armed coward,” Miki said and shook her head at the scientist’s pathetic attempt without even turning around, “Should have thought twice before doing that…”
Miki then moves on ahead towards the manor with the rest of us following quietly from behind her.

… I guess this marks the end of Miki’s revenge.
I wonder if her heart has been liberated just like me…


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