Some Announcement [February 12, 2014]

So I’m not exactly sure how many people visited my new blog this past Sunday till Tuesday and how many views I lost, but if you guys did, you probably saw a page that says that my domain has expired.

First of all, no, folks, I haven’t quit making fictions just yet. As long as there are people looking forward to my fictions, I’m not gonna let my readers down.

What happened a few days ago was something my dad and I were completely puzzled (in case you’re wondering, my current blog is located on my dad’s domain since he has excess space and the two of us shared the cost of the domain rental). We’ve already paid the domain rental fee and got the receipt. However, it turns out that for some reasons, there was a misunderstanding, and they canceled our domain.

You guys have no idea how frustrated I felt to come back home in the evening and notice that my blog is down. Since blogging fictions for everyone has become a big part of my life recently, I almost felt like I lost a part of my life >___>

Anyway, enough with the drama.

Since it happened once, there is no guarantee when it could happen again. Because of this, I would like to make the following announcements just in case such events occurred again:

  • I assure you again, I haven’t got tired of making fictions yet. As long as there are still people looking forward to my fictions, I will keep working on it.
  • The daily non-fiction update posts would be updated when the new blog returns back to normal.
  • In cases where the server went down through Saturdays, you can still read the weekly updates of the ‘Main Projects’ here on this old blog. The chapters are uploaded at the same pace as the ones uploaded on the main blog. The only down side is that I disabled the option to comment since I want to keep the discussion there. If you got something to share, I ask you to keep it with yourself until the main blog is back to normal.
    NOTE: Please take bear in mind that the ‘index’ posts lead to the respective chapters on my new blog. You will have to use the category list to browse through the older chapters on this blog.
  • Side Projects‘ such as [Corpse Party: Ghastly Carnival] fan fiction will NOT be uploaded here until they are completed. This is because synching posts on two sites take quite some times, and there was one time this old blog was suddenly suspended because of too sudden synching activity. Hence, I would like to keep it limited to only the main fictions for now.
  • LIKE and follow my Facebook page. In cases of these kinds of events, I’ll make short announcements regarding the status of my main blog there should it ever go down again for whatever reasons.

And that is all. I’ll see you again next time.