ZA – Chapter Ophiucus 28 S

Chapter 28 – O


Viola smacks her spear downward, trying to strike Fiore. The dark haired girl in gothic lolita dress simply smirks at the incoming attack. A strong gust of wind then suddenly engulfs her body, redirecting Viola’s attacks away from her. I remember this kind of technique. It’s the same as the one Van used when we skydived down at the Australis Power Plant.
Viola deliberately tries to get her attack across the wild gust of wind, but it was no use; she cannot thrust her spear through it at all. After watching Viola’s attacks for a while, Fiore blocks Viola’s slash with her left claw and attempts to counter with her right. The purple haired girl immediately bends to the side and swings her spear, unleashing a blast of energy around her. Fiore hops back, evading the blast just before it catches her. But while she is trying to regain her balance, Auria shoots out her doll at Fiore.
“Lightning Fang!!!”
Anty unleashes an electrical blast, blowing Fiore further away. But we all know that she won’t be finished off with just a simple attack. I heard that not only she has the power of Ophiucus, but she also has her battle instinct. So at the same time, I continuously shoot barrage of Flame Shots at Fiore even after she was already blown away.
Much to my expectation, Fiore was indeed able to recover her balance after being blown away. She counters by throwing several globes of water balloons that dissipates my Flame Shots and immediately moves aside the moment her feet touches the ground. As a counter, Fiore swings her left claw forth, throwing a small bolt of flame towards me.

… I know this bolt!!!

My legs immediately sprint out of the trajectory right away, but even then, I could not get too far away from it on time, and ended up getting blown away by the explosion. Fortunately, I was only caught up in the impact, so all I had to do was quickly regain my balance and land properly.
Just like what Auria and Viola told me, this girl indeed has access to all of our powers, and getting blasted by my own Explosion is really not fun at all.

“Thunder Fall!!!”
Upon Auria’s announcement, Viola immediately moves away from Fiore as several bolts of lightning rain down around her. The dark haired girl swiftly hops left and right, dodging all of the bolts and the impact when they hit the ground. As the Thunder Fall ends, Viola quickly rushes in once again to strike Fiore with her lance. The two then are engaged in a heated duel, crashing their weapons onto one another’s repeatedly. Unfortunately, as the duel continues, Fiore appears to have the edge above Viola, and she constantly drives the purple haired girl back.
“You’re mine!” Fiore uttered and raises her right claws up in the air for a downward slash.
“I don’t think so!”
That moment, a round metallic shield suddenly appears right above Viola’s head, blocking Fiore’s slash in a whim.
“What the!?” the dark haired girl cried as she quickly puts up her left claw to block Viola’s side swipe just in time.

“Darn it! I still can’t get through!?”

Viola’s voice grumbled inside my head since our minds are still connected.
With the two of them locked in place, I quickly point my staff at Fiore, zooming myself at her. Curtains of flames engulf me as I crash onto Fiore, breaking her away from Viola. After that, I attempt to hit her with my staff a couple of times, but the dark haired girl is able to avoid all of it with ease. I shoot a barrage of Flame Shots at her from point-blank, but she quickly brushes my staff away, making the barrage misses her completely. Viola immediately joins back in after she regains her balance and smacks Fiore with her shaft. While it connects, the girl does not seem to be affected by it. Instead, she swipes her claws outward and smacks the two of us away from her.
“Viola! Sophia!” Auria cried out our names when she saw us got hit. But luckily, it was not a fatal hit, and we were simply knocked away.

“We’re fine!”

Viola responded via telepathy as she got back up to her stance.
“Hey, Viola. Did you see that earlier?” I asked her via telepathy.

“Yeah. She seems to have a hard time if we constantly alternate our attacks together like that.”

She replied without uttering a word from her lips.
“Let’s try that one more time!” I suggested. “Auria! Please, heal our wounds!”


The caramel haired girl tosses two glowing orbs that home in at Viola and me. As they touch us, the pain on our body is suppressed.
“Let’s go, Viola!”
Viola and I charge straight forward at Fiore again. She opens our assault by thrusting her lance forward, which Fiore simply steps to the side to dodge. During her dodge, I quickly charges straight at her with the Burning Tackle. Although she blocks it on time, the impact completely destroys her stance, leaving her opened. Exploiting that, Viola swings her spear down at Fiore. She took a hit, but only a single cut before she hops back and tosses Explosion at us.

“I got this!”

Auria’s voice spoke up as a huge orb of light shoots passed Viola and me then bursts into an energy force field that shields us from the Explosion. As the flames dissipate, Viola rushes in once more for a side swiping swing, but Fiore blocks it with her left claw. While locked, a round metallic shield appears next to Viola once again and shoots a purple light beam at Fiore. She lifts up her right claw to block the beam, but because of that, it left her completely opened for my burning tackle against her abdomen.
The dark haired girl grunts as she suffers a stagger back. Viola and I quickly strike our weapons at the girl at the same time, which forces Fiore to raise both of her claws to block our attacks. The result is both her right and left claws are completely pinned off and she is completely opened in front.

“Now, Auria!”

“Lightning Spear!!!”
The caramel haired girl immediately tosses the spear, aimed directly at Fiore. Viola and I quickly push Fiore back and hop aside, just in time for the Lightning Spear to hit straight onto Fiore and drag her back towards the white space shuttle. The spear bursts off and explodes, engulfing both the girl and her white shuttle in a column of light.
After the light dissipates, only the remains of the space shuttle can be barely seen burning in the middle of a huge pile of flame.
“We did it!!!” I cheered.
“Ugh… Finally!” Viola sighs out loud, finally lowering her stance.
“Are you girls all right?” the caramel haired girl spoke up as she approaches the two of us.
“Yeah. We’re fine. We’ve successfully destroyed the shuttle and Fiore! Let’s call mom and the others—–.”

Before I could finish, the flames from the rubbles are completely extinguished and glazes of ice form around the remains of the busted space shuttle.
“…… Not bad.”
The three of us stuttered upon hearing a girl’s voice speaking from inside the rubbles. Fiore steps out from the remains with a good part of her dress scrapped and torn. Blood is also seen pouring down from her forehead, indicating that we were indeed able to land a critical hit on her, even though it was not fatal.
“… No way,” I uttered with shaky voice.
“The Robe of Whirlwind was able to redirect some of the thunder, but it still stings pretty bad with all the rubbles raining down on me,” Fiore muttered, “… Now you girls really have done it, destroying my space shuttle.”
After that, Fiore flicks her left wrist and a soothing light embraces her body. The wounds and scrapes on her body gradually disappear, and the big cut on her forehead is also healed up.
“A healing spell!?” Viola uttered, grinding her teeth.
“Why so surprise? I thought all of you already knew that I have access to all Zodiac Angels’ power.”
That moment, a cluster of dark fog emerges from underneath her and the nails on her black claw start radiating eerie red glow.

This aura…!?
It’s Miss Frey’s Extract Emotion!

The three of us quickly resumes our battle stance. But before Fiore did anything else, she simply casts her eyes upon Auria.
“… You,” she uttered under her breath, “You’re the Scorpio Angel, aren’t you?”
Both Viola and I quickly turned towards Auria, who simply gives Fiore a puzzled look.
“That doll you are holding… And the power of lightning… You must definitely be the Scorpio Angel – the Zodiac Angel who boasts the highest destructive power among all angels. No wonder that hit so hard.” Fiore chuckles and smirks. “I guess it’ll be better… to just take you out first!!!”

With that, the dark haired girl kicks herself forward and leaps towards Auria. Viola quickly stands in the way and holds up her spear, blocking the charge. I also shoot myself at her with the Burning Tackle, hoping to bump her out of path. However, she grabs onto Viola’s spear and, with incredible strength, swings the purple haired girl’s body straight at me, knocking the two of us out of her path.
“Sophia! Viola!” Auria cried.
I land down on the concrete ground, not so far away from Auria. Just as I got back up standing, I see Fiore raises her palm and shoots a small white ray at the caramel haired girl.
Auria bends to the side, barely evading the shot. She might have the highest power output among us, but her body was just not built to endure or constantly dodge attacks.
Unfortunately, Fiore’s attack does not stop there. She shoots another white ray forth from her palm. Seeing so, Anty quickly hops forward and shields his master with the energy force field. To our surprise however, the light ray pierces through the force field and knocks the doll away from her.
“Anty!!!!” Auria cried and turns her face towards her plush doll, leaving her back completely opened.
“Got you!” Fiore snickers and shoots the third shot.
“Look out!” I point my staff at Auria and shoot myself at her direction again. Thankfully, I was able to push her out of the trajectory safely. I did not invoke the curtain of flames, so she was simply pushed away. However, the light ray still continues its way towards me, who is now standing in its path. I point my staff forward and shoot Explosion right back at it.

It’s pretty close, but at least getting blown away from the impact is better than being hit!

However, I underestimated the light ray. Instead of cancelling it out, the light ray downright negates my Explosion and continues its trajectory.
Before I know it, a sharp pain – much more painful than anything I’ve experienced – emerges from the middle of my chest as the light ray pierces through my body on the exact same spot. My body was flung into the air before falling back to the ground, rolling away several times.
Fortunately, I disconnected the Zodiac Link just in time, so this pain was not sent to Auria and Viola.

But still…
My goodness…
It hurts… so much…

From the area where I was shot, the pain quickly spreads across my body, just like how blood flows through my veins. It took only a few seconds before my whole body becomes horribly numb from all the pain – as if it was trying to kill me from the inside.
Agh… Not good.
My strength is slowly withering away and my senses are becoming weaker. My eyelids grow heavier, and the last thing I saw before my consciousness fades away to darkness is the image of Auria crying out my name…