ZA – Chapter Ophiucus 36 S

Chapter 36 – O


“Do you think the three of us would be enough for this? Shouldn’t we call everyone else too?” the caramel haired girl asked me while I observe the warehouse from the shades under a tree.
“Nah. The three of us can handle this,” I insisted, “We are not fighting against Ophiucus Army, so we can use our Zodiac Beasts to their full strength. At worst, we would be fighting against a Star General, but we’d still have number advantage.”
“I agree with Sophia,” the purple haired girl spoke up after she returned from scouting the perimeter, “There are only a hundred officers at most surrounding the warehouse. We should be able to handle that number with no trouble. Plus, they are completely unprepared for an attack. If we strike now, we can easily destroy them in one fell swoop.”
“Ah. You’re back. I’m glad you agree with me.” I give her a smile.
“I’m more worried about you though,” Viola continued, “You sure you are fine now? You didn’t even get a full sleep after we got back from the Halls of Reverie.”
“No. It’s okay. Curling up in the bed for a long time is not my style anyway… Well, that is unless it’s my bed we’re talking about, then it becomes a battle between me and the gravity,” I said, rolling my eyes around.
“Oh Sophia, you.” Auria giggles.
“Much expected from you.” Viola giggles as well.
“Haha. Anyway, enough with the jokes. Auria.” I turn to the caramel haired girl.
“You said you are leading this operation, right? I await your orders.”
“Oh… Um… Well… Are the two of you ready?” she asked.
“Of course,” I replied, while Viola simply gives Auria a nod.
“Okay then. Let’s do this!”
“Right!” Viola and I spoke up at the same time.

At Auria’s signal, the three of us fearlessly hops out of our hiding place and charges towards the warehouse. Viola takes the lead on ahead while Auria and I take the rear. As we move closer to the warehouse, the spotlights from the observation towers quickly shine down on us, followed by a loud siren alarm.
“[Intruders Alert!!! Intruders Alert!!! Three Incoming Targets!! Warning!!! It’s the Zodiac Angels!!! I repeat!! It’s the Zodiac Angels!!!!!!]”
The megaphone announcing the alert seems to be in extreme panic. When you think about it, it’s kind of funny to see a group of veteran soldiers getting so nervous and worked up from seeing three girls charging at them. Not long after the alert, we begin to see a group of officers getting into formation with their assault rifles.
Before they could paint our dresses with red laser dots, Viola and Auria quickly summon their servants. Viola’s iron giant emerges in front of her then charges forward while putting his shields up to protect himself and his master from the incoming bullet volley. On the other hand, the mechanical scorpion rises from underneath Auria and I, lifting both of us onto his back, then continues charging into the vicinity. Antares has some kind of a force field covering the pilot chamber, so Auria and I are not worried about the bullets getting to us at all. Zubenes and Antares charge through the front gate, tearing down the frontal fence as well as the breaking formation of the front line officers.
“All right, girls. We’re inside! It’s time to wreck things up!” I signaled the two of them via telepathy as I hop out of Antares’s back and reach for my staff strapped on my belt.

“Got it!”


The two of them replied back to me via the same channel and spread out to take care of our enemies.
I hold my ground and begin shooting down all the officers that are within 10 meters radius around me. Speaking of which, I should also mention that the staff in my hand is not the Leonis Staff that I’ve always been using. When I regained my powers at the Halls of Reverie, this staff materializes before me instead of the Leonis Staff. This one is slightly longer than the Leonis Staff, and the shaft appears to be crafted from dense metallic materials. The mace head is a big red orb with golden star motif carved around it.
Unlike the Leonis Staff, which fires bolts of flames, this staff shoots glowing orbs of light that explodes upon contact. Each orb travels slightly faster and longer than the Flame Shots, and this allows me to rapid fire at an even faster rate than before.

While shooting down my enemies, I briefly take a look at Auria and Viola to see how they are doing.
Viola and Zubenes spreads out to take down each officer one by one. Viola is pretty agile, so the officers had a hard time trying to aim their guns at her. Zubenes’s armor is fairly strong enough to endure volleys of bullets, so he uses his shields to attack more than defend.
On the other hand, Auria remains on her Zodiac Beast, shooting its tail laser at any officers that gets too close to Viola and me. The way she coordinates her aim with the firing rate is astounding. It’s like the moment her eyes lay down upon the target, the target is automatically locked and shot down without a chance of escaping at all.

In just a few minutes after our entrance, the entire force surrounding the warehouse is completely wiped out. We incapacitated several officers, but a good deal of them was able to run away on time. Of course, we have no intention of hunting them down. After all, our goal was simply to chase them away and reclaim this warehouse. Also, since the battle occurs in the field in front of the warehouse, the structure itself remains completely unscathed.
“Well, that was easy,” Viola muttered, strapping her spear back onto her waist.
“Yeah. They really let their guards down,” Auria agreed while still sitting on her servant’s back.
“But that’s weird… I don’t think we’ve fought against a Star General at all,” I muttered, swinging my staff around, “Was their boss not stationed here?”
“Wait… Hold on a sec.”
All of the sudden, Viola hushes me and touches her earlobe with her left hand before looking at Auria and me with a serious face. Since I could not hear anything on her side, I can only assume that it was her Zodiac Beast talking to her.
“… And I think we still got one more.”
After that, a loud cry was heard as a man in fiber vest suit was thrown down from the roof of the warehouse onto the field in front. Zubenes follows suit down from the roof and lands right behind Viola.
“Zubenes told me he caught this guy running away using the back door,” Viola explained and carefully observes the man’s face, “Speaking of which… We saw this guy before, didn’t we?”
“Star General Vega…,” Auria whispered the name of the man lying on the ground. She does not seem like the type to hold grudge against anyone. But considering the circumstances when we first met this guy, it is only natural she seems upset just from seeing his face.
“Grhhh… Dammit, Zodiac Angels!” The man in fiber vest suit stands up grinding his teeth against each other in vengeance. “Attacking my men while we are unprepared… Aren’t you ashamed of yourself!?”
“Oh yeah? Says the guy who brought a freakin army to ambush six girls,” I retorted, “I hope you enjoy the taste of your own medicine.”
“Not to mention that the captain was the first to flee when he senses danger. Some leader you are,” Viola added, chuckling mockingly.
“Damn you! I am going to personally make sure I destroy all of you here today!!!” Vega announced arrogantly and tightens his gauntlet, getting into battle stance.

Before he could act any further, I quickly call out to my loyal servant, who immediately answers my call and emerges from thin air. However, unlike before, the mighty lion with golden mane no longer stands on all four. Instead, he stands tall on his two ‘hind legs’ with both of his ‘front legs’ acting more like human arms. From his left clawed gauntlet, Regulus magically unsheathes a gigantic broad sword as if drawing it from under his sleeve. He then thrusts his broad sword forward, forcing Vega to block the attack and get blown several meters back.
“It’s nice to see you again, Regulus,” I spoke to him. Although he did not reply back verbally, this time I could feel that my voice has reached him and that he is more than ready to fight by my side once again. “Let’s make this quick!”
As a reply, the mighty lion roars and marches full speed at Vega with me following him closely from behind.
“Viola! Auria! Two of you stay back! I’ll handle this!” I signaled the two of them via telepathy. Obviously, it would have been more advantageous for all of us, including Viola’s and Auria’s servants, to attack at the same time. However, this time, I want to fight in the front lines with my servant. It hasn’t been that long since I last fight with Regulus’s help. But somehow, my heart just yearns for the thrill to fight with him again.

The Star General grunts after he regains his stance and puts his gauntlet forward. After that, two energy shots are fired one after another from the palm of the Star General. I swing my staff twice, shooting two glowing white energy orbs that completely negate Vega’s shots then continue their trajectory towards the Star General. Vega puts up his gauntlet, trying to block my shot. Unfortunately for him, the shots were a lot more powerful than his guard and, upon contact, it sends him staggering a few steps back. Regulus finally closes in and throws an uppercut using his left clawed gauntlet, clenched into a fist, straight into Vega’s abdomen, sending him straight up into the air. The lion follows up with a thrust of his broad sword from below. However, Vega was able to parry the stab in time and counters by shooting three energy shots from his palm. Regulus covers his face with his clawed gauntlet, so it doesn’t hurt much. However, one of the shot manages to slip through and blows up at his chest.
“Ungh!” I grit my teeth trying to withhold the pain after Regulus took the explosion to his chest.
It seems like even though his form changes, I’m still not immune to the pain redirection like Auria’s Antares. Thankfully, the effect of Connected Harm was not present; otherwise, I would have had a huge burn on my chest.
Vega lands back on the ground and jabs at Regulus who quickly blocks it with his clawed gauntlet. After that, the lion swings his broadsword at the Star General from the side. However, Vega quickly hops up into the air to dodge the slash while putting his palm forth aiming at Regulus’s face. Seeing so, I quickly hurl my staff at the Star General, making his aim missed completely. Taking advantage of the whiff, Regulus smacks his blade’s face at the Star General and slams him down against the ground like swatting a fly. Vega was smashed against the ground, but he quickly gets back up onto his feet, albeit showing slight dizziness. Exploiting that opening, Regulus starts unloading a flurry of sword slashes, smacking Vega left and right before knocking him up into the air one more time with an uppercut. This time, the Star General was completely defenseless as his stance has been broken. Seeing so, I pull my staff back and prepare to unleash a finishing strike.
I swing my staff forward with all my might and shoot a small orb of light towards the Star General.
Vega cursed me at the top of his voice as the orb of light travels straight at him. The moment it touches his thick fiber vest, the orb explodes and swallows the Star General into the burst of bright light. After the light fades, not a single trace of him remains to be seen.


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