ZA – Chapter Ophiucus 41 S

Chapter 41 – O


The behemoth charges at us full speed, raising his claws up into the air.
Out of instinct, my left hand quickly grabs my pendant and initiates the Zodiac Link. Actually, due to the change my powers had undergone, I can now initiate the link even without the pendant. However, it has become my habit to do that, and it just would not feel the same if I don’t have the pendant with me.
In any case, with the link initiated, I issue our plan of attack to the others.
“Sarin, please keep him in check. Lin and Len, you circle around him and wear him down. I will support from afar as well as look out for everyone!”

“Got it!”


The three of them replied back in sync then quickly proceed as assigned.
Sarin charges forward against the behemoth and crashes her axe against his claw swipe, parrying his attack. Lin and Len spread out from each other, flanking the behemoth from aside. Len tosses her hoop up into the air and Lin follows up by tossing her card through the hoop. The card then explodes inside the hoop and creates several fireworks above the behemoth’s head, scratching his huge muscular skin. Of course, it did not do much damage to him, but that was not the purpose of the twins’ attacks. Like before, Lin and Len’s specialty is the ability to wear down their opponents without them realizing it before it’s too late. Sarin, on the other hand, is all about strength. With her keeping the behemoth’s attention at bay, it is easy for the twins to do their job without being targeted.

Sabik pulls his left arm back then shoots a jab forward. Seeing so, Sarin lifts her axe up for a launching strike against the incoming jab. Once they crash, the behemoth’s balance was thrown back, leaving him completely opened.
“Now, Sophia!!!” Sarin cried and immediately takes a step to the side. At the same time, I point my staff forward and zoom towards the behemoth with curtain of sidereal energy surrounding me. The curtain of energy explodes upon contact with its target, throwing Sabik back even further. Right before I land on the ground, I swing my staff and quickly connect the Meteor Barrage, striking the behemoth with six boulder sized meteors while he is still completely wide opened. The barrage seems to have caused a substantial damage to Sabik, as evidenced by the bruises on his body.
After the barrage is over, Sabik roars in frustration and tries to pound me with both of his fists.
At my command, the lion warrior emerges behind me and parries the sledgehammer with his left gauntlet. After that, he swings his broadsword outwards and slashes the behemoth. Although he could not create a cut due to how hard this behemoth’s skin is, Regulus was still able to push Sabik away from me.
Again, at my command, the lion warrior dissipates to thin air.
Ophiucus and her servants have the Connected Harm ability that allows them to deal direct damage on us Zodiac Angels through harming our servants. Auria is the only angel among our ranks who is an exception to that power, and I heard that Viola has practiced a technique that allows her to use the power of her servants without actually summoning him out. While my power has undergone an upgrade, I am still not an exception to their ability and, hence I will still take direct damage if Regulus is injured. Because of that, I summon Regulus only when I am in a tight situation, then immediately dismiss him after I got enough breather.
Of course this is nowhere as efficient as Auria or Viola’s technique, but at least I am not completely crippled against large durable opponents.

The battle then resumes with the twins sending six flying boulders towards the giant. Since they are not traveling in high velocity like my Meteor Barrage, the damage they inflicted is considerably weaker. However, those boulders were meant to distract and give Sarin a chance to switch places with me to continue the assault. The silver haired girl swings her axe at the behemoth, forcing him to remain on defense from the onslaught. Although he is obviously taking damage, the behemoth does not seem to show any sign of going down.
“WAY TOO WEAK!!!!” the giant roared and grips onto Sarin’s axe blade, startling her, “YOU ARE ALL TOO WEAK!! THESE WEAK ATTACKS CANNOT DEFEAT ME!!!!”
With that, the behemoth swings his arm to the side, throwing Sarin away into the air. Luckily, she was able to regain her balance and land safely. However, we were all startled to see Sabik suddenly countering us like that. Sarin’s strength is tremendous, and to simply stop her axe just by grabbing it means that this monster has to be several times stronger than her.
“His strength is way too strong! Lin! Len! Don’t stop! Wear him down even more! Take out his stamina as much as you two can!!”

“Roger that!!”

The twins replied and quickly move slightly further away from the behemoth. Lin snaps her finger and that moment, a huge magic circle was drawn on the ground where the behemoth stands. It seems to have been formed from several cards that Lin secretly plants around the giant’s surrounding while he is busy fighting against Sarin and me. After activation, the gravitational force around the giant becomes heavier and his movements are hindered.
Sabik roars and forces himself to move forward step by step.
“Y… You’re kidding! That’s 20 times the normal gravity holding him down!” Lin cried in surprised to see the giant still moving. She then quickly turns to her twin who has been secretly casting a spell from another corner. “Len!! Now!!”
“[Thorns]!!!!” Len announced her spell’s name out loud as soon as she finishes casting. That moment, several thorny vines emerge from the ground and slithers up the behemoth’s body, tying him down. However, Sabik roars even louder and tears the vines away, completely ignoring the fact that the sharp thorns have created countless holes on his hands.
“Woah… This doesn’t look good!” I muttered.
It seems like I have underestimated him. Even though the twins have worn his stamina down tremendously, it doesn’t seem like he is going to give up at all. I tightly grip my staff and try to come up with a plan of attack. I should be able to deal more fatal damage if I toss several Star Bursts or Meteor Barrages at him at once. However, this monster is standing right in front of the evacuation site, so I can’t just toss my power at him for granted. If I can somehow find a way to drag him out of this area, then I might be able to blow him up easier.


That moment, the silver haired girl’s voice echoes inside my ears.

“Can you help Lin and Len wear him down a bit more? I know just the thing to take care of this guy without getting the evacuation site caught in the impact!”

Well, that sounds like a plan, whatever it is!
“Got it! Lin! Len! Did you two get that!?”

“Yes, we did!”

The twins replied back at the same time.
“All right! Tell me the plans!”

“Lin and Len just keep wearing him down. Don’t worry if it doesn’t show any results! Sophia, you try to knock him out of balance as much as possible! I will strike when his guard is opened!”

“Understood!” I replied.
After that, I zoom myself at the behemoth once again. However, this time, he saw through me charging at him, so he puts up his arm and successfully blocks my charge.
As soon as my energy curtain dissipates, I summon Regulus right behind me and quickly hop out to the side, opening the space up for Regulus to jab Sabik with his left fist. The behemoth blocks the jab and quickly grabs the lion warrior’s gauntlet arms. His strength is so ridiculous and it is crushing Regulus’s gauntlet like squeezing a can of soft drink. Even though no damage has occurred yet, I could already feel the intense pressure on my left wrist.
Of course, Regulus did not sit still and let Sabik have his way. He swings his broad sword on the right hand onto the behemoth’s neck. Sabik’s skin is as strong as steel, so Regulus was not able to cut through it. However, the impact from slash causes the behemoth to become dazzled and slightly weaken his grip, allowing Regulus to free himself.

“Sis Sophia! Please step back!”

The twins signaled me via telepathy. Hearing so, I quickly order Regulus to retreat from the behemoth.
The twins’ servants emerge from behind them, but it seems like they are not going to ride their servants this time. Instead, Len enlarges her hoop and hovers it into the air, while Lin scattered her cards all around the behemoth.
“WHAT’S THIS!?!?” the behemoth cried in surprise upon noticing the flocks of cards swarming around him. Once everything is setup, Pollux and Castor shoot several laser beams into Len’s hoop. The laser beams reemerge from several wormholes around the behemoth. Each laser burns onto Sabik’s skin then bounces off to another direction. However, the bounced laser is then ricocheted off by Lin’s cards and returns to the behemoth once again. The result is hordes of lasers bounce off the cards and the behemoth’s skin, hitting it countless times before the lasers finally fades, leaving only the behemoth with severely burned skin.

This time, Sabik appears to show some signs of fatigue, indicated by how he remains still in place, trying to catch his breath.
“Now, Sarin!!!” I signaled her via telepathy.
Sarin then immediately charges towards the behemoth from behind, dragging her axe along the ground. Hearing an incoming attack, Sabik quickly turns around and tosses a blind swing at her to protect himself.
“Crap! He still got some strength left!? Look out, Sarin!” I warned the silver haired girl.
However, instead of stopping her charge, Sarin continues her course, preparing to launch her axe from below. Just when her weapon and the behemoth’s arm are about to crash, her movement was suddenly canceled and the girl swiftly changes her course, blindsiding the behemoth to his back where he is completely wide-opened.
“That was a feint?!?!” I cried in surprise.
Before the behemoth could react to her feint, Sarin continues her charge and tackles onto the giant without losing her momentum. The strength and the velocity of the tackle take both of them off the ground, traveling away from the evacuation site out of the city district.
“H… Hey, not too far! Regulus!” I called out to my servant when I notice them moving away too far.
Regulus quickly approaches me and transforms back into his four-legged form. After I ride on his back, the lion quickly follows Sarin along her trail. The twins also ride on their servants and closely follow me from behind.
Sarin’s flight trajectory did not take off very high before she begins to land again. As her velocity begins to fall, the silver haired girl pushes the behemoth down, plowing the ground with his body.
After that, she steps onto the behemoth’s back and jumps off into the air with her axe raised above her head.
The silver haired girl hurls her axe onto Sabik who is lying on the ground, resulting in a huge crater with the behemoth lying in the center.

Regulus stops running about a couple meters away from the radius of the crater where Sarin safely lands. The axe reappears onto her hand and the girl kneels down on the ground.
“Ugh… I’m beat!” Sarin cried, breathing heavily.
“Wow. That was amazing,” I said, helping her up.
The silver haired girl takes my hand and stands up.
“That was great work!” I cheered.
“Thank you.” Sarin smiles and massages her shoulder.
Her body must have ached all over now from tackling that monster.

Upon hearing that moan, Sarin and I quickly turn towards the crater and notice the behemoth getting up on his feet.
“What in the world?!” Sarin cried, “How could he still stand after that!?”
“This… is not… over yet.” Sabik grits his teeth. “I told you… Unless this body breaks to dust… I will… not STOP!!!!!!”
The behemoth’s muscles expand again, enlarging his body even more.
“Sarin, stay back!”
Hearing so, the silver haired girl quickly moves away from me as the behemoth comes charging. I swing my staff forward a few times, shooting two orbs of light at him. The orbs burst off into huge explosions, causing this colossal figure to stagger away. Since those two shots was able to easily knock the behemoth back, I was right to not use this attack near the evacuation site. But thanks to Sarin, we’ve relocated our battle field to an area far from the migrants. Hence, I can now unleash my full powers without having to worry about causing casualties!
“Now, Regulus!”
Heeding my command, the lion shifts back into his two-legged form and tosses his sword into the sky. Then, he quickly leaps up, closely following the sword. Catching it in mid-air, the sword magically transforms into a gigantic meteor then lands back down to the surface at high velocity.
I shoot a few more Star Bursts at the behemoth, forcing him to step back right to where the meteor lands and completely flattens him.