Currently an Audit Assistant of KPMG Thailand, this young man loves nothing more than drawing cartoons, writing fictions, playing video games, and day dreaming.

Hello everyone. I’m known throughout the Internet as The Mad_Cartoonist.
My online friends call me Mad, so feel free to do the same. Or if you prefer, you can also call me by my real life nickname, Joker.

This page contains my life’s biography, background, as well as contact information.

Personal Background

I am born and lived in Bangkok, Thailand for as long as I remembered.

My family opens a small traditional publishing house called ‘Smart Digital Solution Co., Ltd.’. My father is the head of the publishing house who manages all of the operations in the business. My mother works as my father’s book keeper as well as taking care of various other document issues.

Due to my father’s line of work, I have been accustomed to publication work process and artwork designing since I was small. As a result, I’ve also picked up various skills on graphic design programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign from my father, even though I’ve never taken any courses for them before.

Education and Career


I finished my Elementary, Intermediate, and High School degree from Ekamai International School of Thailand. I graduated from high school on May 31, 2009 with a ‘College Preparatory with Emphasis in Business’ Diploma.

After High School, I continued my Bachelor Degree Education at Assumption University (previously known as ‘ABAC‘ or ‘Assumption Business Administration College‘) of Thailand – Business Administration Faculty, majoring in Accounting. As of March 5, 2013, I have finished all of my curriculum requirements and officially graduated Bachelor Degree with Magna Cum Laude.


Right now, I am working for KPMG Thailand as an Audit Assistant. My goal right now is to get the Certified Public Accountant license within three years from now.


After getting the CPA license, I plan on pursuing a Masters Degree, possibly in Finance.

Currently, I have no plan to pursue the career as a full time writer or artist, since I prefer it to remain as a hobby.


I got a couple of people asking me regarding my English skills, despite being a non-native English speaker.

First and foremost, I would like to re-emphasize that I’ve lived only in Thailand for my whole life. I had never taken any special exchange students program nor went abroad for more than a week.

I picked up most of my English skills throughout my 12 years at Ekamai International School. All courses, aside from the obvious Thai subjects and Foreign Language subjects, are taught purely in English, using an American Curriculum. Because of that, English Language is no stranger to me. My English skill was also further strengthened due to my exposure to English Films, video games, and chatting with English-speaking foreign friends on the internet.

Around the time I was getting into the university, I took the TOEFLs iBT (Internet Based Test) and scored 97 out of 120. There are four parts to the test; Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing. I scored 28 out of 30 for Writing part, and 23 in the remaining sections (However, that result has already expired since TOEFLs results are good for only 2 years).

I continued my studies at Assumption University, where all courses are also offered in English language, for another four years.

As a result, I’ve been academically exposed to English Language for approximately 16 years; more than half of my life.

Ultimate Dream

My ultimate dream is simple – to have my stories become well known to a lot of people. I want to see people discussing about my stories no matter where I go. Making money from my stories is a completely optional issue. It’s not a bad idea to make money out of it, but the most important part is having my stories known to many.

Behind my Nicknames


Yes, I am not kidding when I said my real life nickname is ‘Joker’. My close friends called me ‘Joke’ for short.

My father was the one who came up with this name; he is a big Batman fan, and at one point, I was almost named Robin. In the end, he went with ‘Joker’ because he wanted me to be a boy filled with cheerful laughter, and I am proud of this name.


This nickname started back in 2006, when I wanted to think up of a good internet name to use. I wanted to use ‘Joker’ because I like this name given to me by my father, but obviously, this is a common name and it was already taken along with all of its variations.

So I tried to come up with something else. I was well-known in my school as a ‘cartoonist’ due to how I used to draw comics before I got into drawing. Because of that, the title ‘cartoonist’ has never been a stranger to me. The word ‘Mad’ was added because back then I like this word, and thought it sounds pretty cool for all the wrong reasons.

Hence, the name ‘Mad_Cartoonist’ was born.

I first place I used this name was on GameFAQs. After that I use this nickname every where I go on the internet. There are slight variations for forums and message boards where ‘Underscores’ and ‘Hyphens’ are not allowed. In cases where character spaces are limited, I would go with M_C for short.



I love illustrating the characters from my fictions. Around the time I was in grade 5 to grade 9, I even used to draw comic books. My first comic story is called ‘The Holy Mirror’, a generic good versus evil story. However, due to my lack of patience in illustrating the details and ‘hard-to-improve’ drawing skills, I gave up drawing comics and go full-time on writing stories instead.
As of now, I am only drawing and making digital paintings for the purposes of illustrating my fictions only.

Fiction Writing

I am still an amateur when it comes to writing.
Originally, I started writing in Thai Language back when I was in grade 10 (which would roughly be around the year 2006 to 2007). My first fiction is a story known today as [Create Your Own World: Birth of the Rebellion]. Back then it was just a big cramp of words and sentences, conveying the events I have in my head without any real descriptions. At first, I started writing because I thought it could capture the details and emotions of events in a story better than comics. [CYOW: Birth of the Rebellion] has a lot to do with Background Story Expansion rather than fighting, due to its nature of being a prequel to [CYOW: Symphony of the Devil]. Because of that, I thought this story would be a good start for me.

From that time on, I continue writing because I enjoy turning my imagination to life. It is fun to let your mind runs wild and gets lost in the world of your own imagination. The best part about doing all of this is getting the comments and forward-looking reviews from all the audiences. Making people excited and hyped about the plot is my primary goal. Seeing people discussing about what is going to happen later on in my fictions, not only makes me feel very happy and accomplished, but it is also the best driving force in making me continue my work.

However, it is already hard enough to get people to read your works, let alone in a language only the native people of that country can read. Hence, [Zodiac Angels] was officially the last fiction that I wrote in Thai before I switched to writing in English completely.

Video Games

I am a mainstream console gamer, mainly on PlayStation (PS2, PSP, and PS3).
The following are some of my all-time favorite series (in no particular order):



As you can see, I am a big fan of many JRPG titles, since it is my favorite genre. If you have any other game you want me to try out, feel free to post about it on the Guestbook page. Please do note that I only own three consoles as I mentioned above and I do not possess any gaming PC, so don’t bother suggesting games that aren’t on those consoles.

Contact Me

I love to chat. If you feel that we have stuffs in common and you are interested in chatting with me, you can contact me via the following methods:

  1. Posting in the Guestbook page
  2. Email:
  3. Facebook:
  4. Skype: Mad_Cartoonist
  5. PSN: Mad_Cartoonist