Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola Index

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola Trivia

Here are the Ten Facts about Chapter Viola that could blow your mind!

This post contains spoilers to [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola]! Proceed at your own risk!

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 23 [Epilogue]

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 22

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 21

Chapter 21 – V

Animus rushes at me with his blade and relentlessly swings it several times. Some are aimed at my arms, while some go straight for the neck. Fortunately, they were slow and I was able to block all of his slashes without any trouble. I dodge his vertical downward slash by bending to the side then smacking the shaft of my lance onto his belly. Unlike Nat, the strike effectively halts him on spot. I thrust the shaft onto his waist one more time before smacking it onto his neck. However, the bastard just won’t go down so easily. Instead of getting knocked out, he sweeps his leg in circle, tipping me off my balance. Before my body falls to the floor, my left hand pushes itself against the floor and springs my body back into the air. I swiftly perform a backward somersault to regain my balance as I landed safely.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 20

Chapter 20 – V

Van parks the rented car near the entrance of the park. As mentioned before, this place used to be a renowned tourist attraction. A site was constructed around the areas of the falls, and fences were created to prevent people from accidentally falling of the steep cliff. However, it has been off limits to tourists for a couple of years. The entrance to the site was chained up and closed off from all visitors as we expected it to be. Of course, it is not a trouble for us. Van slices the iron chains off and easily opens the front gate.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 19

Chapter 19 – V

“All right, girls! I hope you don’t forget any of your belongings!” Nat asked us eagerly as we are preparing to leave the room.
“Aside from our weapons, we don’t have any other belongings, Nat,” Van reminded her sister.
“…Oh yeah…true that.” Nat smiled in embarrassment.
“Hey, Viola, we’re leaving now,” Sarin called me, while I am staring out of the window.
From the moment I woke up today, my mind could not stop thinking about how to explain my situation to them. Knowing full well that it is a trap, they will definitely be against going there. Not to mention how I’ve made such a big speech about the best alternative for everyone. But, I have no intention of running.
This ledger must be cleaned and I won’t have it any other way.
How would I convince them to let me go there without worrying them?

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 18

Chapter 18 – V

It took only a couple of minutes before my mind drifts off to the dream world. The battles at Grand Central today were intense and tiring. Today was the first time I’ve used my powers so much in a day and it took toll heavily on my body. It craved for a good sleep and rest, since tomorrow, we will have to move on to the Orion Observatory. However, my sleep was deprived from me when the vision of that laboratory yet again emerges in front of my eyes.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 17

Chapter 17 – V

“Hey~~!!! Over here!!!!”
A cheery voice yells at me from my left. Towards the same direction, the red haired girl can be seen eagerly waving at me from behind the highway stand. Her green haired sister is standing right next to her.
“Hey there. Looks like you girls are doing well,” I said as I approach both of them.
“Sure am! Those monsters were a piece of cake!” Nat laughed boastfully.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 16

Chapter 16 – V

After parting from Sophia and Auria, I move out of the alley and dial Nat’s number. The call seems to connect but there was no reply from her. I try again with Van’s number, but the result is the same. They are probably busy running or being caught up in a fight with those monsters. I took a peek out of the corner of the alley and look out at the street. No more civilians can be seen running on the streets. Most of them probably have already evacuated out of the city while I was busy fighting that big monster.
Several navy blue cars with the logo ‘Nebula Elite Forces’ (NEF) painted on it filled the city. Each car is packed with armed elite soldiers, prepared to eliminate the remaining hordes of monsters roaming the city. The fight at the Central Square earlier was so chaotic that I did not notice the absence of the dark hole in the sky until now.
When was it removed?
And more importantly, how?
Could it be that defeating the big abomination earlier also closed the dimensional hole?
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