[CYOW] Saga


Why do we exist?
Why do we have to suffer?
Why do we have to have negative emotions?

Birth – Growth – Pain – Death

Such a tragic cycle of life … And yet no one has stepped up to free themselves from these painful constrains.

There is only one way to escape this vicious cycle…
…and that is to ‘Create Your Own World‘.

Symphony of the Devil

Premonition of the Symphony…

Orelius … A world blessed by the gods was threatened by the menacing forces of demons from another world. The war between the humans and demons has been going on for centuries. The latter party is filled with vicious and powerful blood thirsty monsters. They have driven the humans towards the edge of desperation.
To battle against the odds, the almighty god bestowed a secret weapon to the human race. [ANGEL]s, or the [ANgelical Genetic Engineered Ladies], are special female humans who can manipulate the powers within their genes and turn their bodies into devastating weapons.
Among those ranks is an ANGEL who was said to possess the power equivalent to that of the almighty god himself –
The Grand ANGEL.

However, instead of working towards the same goal, the humans fell into deep chaos.
Who should be the one chosen to use the Grand ANGEL’s power?
How will they handle such a boastful power after the war is over?

This internal conflict creates war among themselves and costs the humans their homelands. They are forced to leave the dying mother earth Orelius and live in the sky lagoons, up above the clouds. But the demons have yet given up their motive and they will stop at nothing until the human race goes down. Deeming the humans unworthy of salvation, the Grand ANGEL was taken back by the gods, leaving the humans in despair.

With their kind slowly facing the inevitable annihilation, their only hope is the return of the Grand ANGEL.

The Fated Union

Rin + Reion
Symphony of the Devil

Reion is a cheerful optimistic young man. He loves nothing more than sleeping under
the tree in the afternoon, especially while cutting his sword training classes. His peaceful life ended when he met Rin, a mysterious girl who was labeled as the legendary Grand ANGEL, while his town was being attacked by one of the big five military forces that were trying to pursue her.

Who is she?

Could she possibly be the legendary Grand ANGEL – the last hope of mankind?

Join Reion and Rin in their journey as they uncover the truth of the world and witness the new page of Orelius’s history.

[Symphony of the Devil coming soon…]

Birth of the Rebellion

Birth of the Rebellion

Years before the creation of Orelius lies the story of Rowen, a weak young man who was swept by the tides of fate.

A tragic tale of a painful dilemma between ‘ultimate dream’ and ‘true love’, witness the untold chapter of the past that started the Symphony of the Devil.

[Birth of the Rebellion coming soon…]

Rise of the Abyss Guardians

Rise of the Abyss Guardians

Several years before the events of the Great Rebellion, within the walls of the Vatican City, two PRIESTs (Prestigious Representative of the International Exorcist Specialized Team) were murdered by a group of mysterious figures, proclaiming themselves as the Prophet of the Devil.

Matthew Andrews, the young elite PRIEST with a burning passion and bright future, volunteered to investigate the case because one of the murdered PRIESTs was is friend. However, as he reaches deeper to the truth, the unbelievable darkside of the church also surfaced.

Witness the fall of the great Church, as well as the rise of Satan’s Prophets.

[Rise of the Abyss Guardians coming soon…]