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Fatal Frame 2

~The World Ends with You~

Rokej, a young boy with an outstanding purple hair who lost his memory, found himself trapped in “The Lost Village”.

Searching for some answers, he found that on the night of an important ceremony, the village was cursed and became a stage for the [Reaper’s Game] – The game set up by the [Reapers] to test if the humans are worthy of gaining a “Second Chance in Life”.

However, this is no ordinary game. The village is covered in an endless curse where several spirits of vengeance roam about. They may already be dead in the real world, but the players are very much alive while facing the horror within this game.

Join Rokej and the other players of the [Reaper’s Game] in their survival adventure as well as unravel the tragedy behind the failed ritual here.

Characters, Setting, and Story of [Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly]
© [Tecmo]

The Story Element and Concepts are inspired by [The World Ends with You]
© [Square-Enix]

Fatal Frame 3

~Call of your Voice~

“Assuming you actually had a way to bring someone back to life, but it’s a very dangerous bet, would you still do it?”

Jack, a High School Senior, was puzzled at the question given by his crush and childhood friend, Sarin, who just recently lost her fiancé from a mysterious death. Assuming she was just in a normal emotional depression, he gave her the answer he will forever regret.

“I guess I’d probably do whatever I could.”

The answer provokes the girl to enter the [Game of Despair] – The game for those who seek to reclaim the precious ones that they had lost. However, this is no ordinary game. Losing the game means permanently dying a horrible death. Regretting his own arrogance, Jack enters the game as well, hoping to protect the girl he loves.

Join Jack and the other players of the [Game of Despair] in their desperate struggle to reclaim what they had lost as well as uncover the inconvenient truth behind the game here.

Characters, Setting, and Story of [Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented]
© [Tecmo]

The Story Element and Concepts are based off [The World Ends with You]
© [Square-Enix]

Corpse Party

~The Bloody Carnival~

The students of the Tsukikami High School gathered on their last day of High School and performed the [Sachiko Ever After] ritual, in hopes of forever bonding their friendship. However, something went wrong and a huge fissure devours them into the depths of darkness. Waking up in the dark halls of an elementary school, the students found themselves trapped in the Heavenly Host Elementary School – The Haunted School that was said to have been demolished several years ago – where a horrible game was hosted by the vengeful spirit that forms the very fabrication of this school.

Join the students in their struggle to break free from the terrifying curse and escape from the abominated school.

Setting and Story of [Corpse Party]
© [Team GrisGris]