Zodiac Angels

Prologue – [Tales of Star Ocean]

Long ago before the beginning of time, the 13 Zodiac Angels united their powers to create the green planet called [Athenia] and its residents, the [Humans]. They created the plentiful nature and assigned the humans to look over this paradise.

But due to the greed and foolishness of humans, they waged war and battle against each other, fighting for the very resources and land they were created to protect.

The 13th Zodiac Angel, Ophiucus, grew tired of the humans’ incompetency and came to a conclusion that their kind needs to be put to extinction. The remaining 12 angels could not bear to see the destruction of the world they created. With a glimpse of hope for humanity remaining in them, they tried persuading Ophiucus to change her mind.

However, the negotiation was a failure, and the two parties got into conflict.

Even though she was out numbered, Ophiucus’s power alone was still much stronger than the other 12 angels combined. As a last resort, the 12 angels sealed Ophiucus within the Celestial Hall at the deepest part of the Star Ocean, at the cost of their immortal bodies. Their souls then wandered the cosmos and reincarnated in a human body, never losing their powers.

Ophiucus was sealed and peace returned to Athenia.

However, her hatred and wrath have never once faded away from history. So Ophiucus made a vow that whenever Athenia is once again filled with chaos and hurled into great upheaval, she will descend from the Celestial Hall and put all existences to an end.

Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola

Viola Hikari

[Viola Hikari]
The Zodiac Angel of Libra

Hikari Viola, a Junior Student of the Andoria University, saw a vision of frightening experiments in her sleep for the past three years. Everything was a mystery. She does not know why or how she came to have such a menacing nightmare.

One fateful day, she came home to see her mother brutally murdered right before her eyes by a man in black coat. He attempted to harm her but instead triggered a mysterious power within her to awaken. The man taunts her to find out about herself and vanished.

Thrown into a world with no family to return to, the girl was struck with confusion, hatred, and vengeance.

Who is that man?
Why did he have to kill her mother? But most importantly, who is she?

Grasping the mysterious new found power within her, Viola sets off on her journey to find the truth about herself, as well as hunts down the murderer of her only family member.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria

Auria Remil

[Auria Remil]
The Zodiac Angel of Scorpio

Ever since their parents died a couple of years ago, Auria Remil, the third year honored scholarship student of Eternia University, lived a harsh life with her younger sister, Orica. Because of that, she tried to become stronger so she does not have to rely on others. The girl works part-time during the night at a convenient store near her apartment to earn a living while maintaining above average GPA to satisfy her scholarship privilege.

One day while returning home from her part-time job, she was ambushed by a group of men in black suit and Orica was kidnapped. In the midst of despair, a mysterious girl, referring herself as a Zodiac Angel, appears and saves Auria from those men. She told Auria about how her sister and her are also Zodiac Angels, possessing mysterious power desired by the evil Nebula Corporation.

Taking the mysterious girl’s hand, Auria sets out on a journey to save her only remaining family and seeks the truth behind her powers.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia

Sophia Estella

[Sophia Estella]
The Zodiac Angel of Leo

Sophia Estella, a popular star student of Galaxia University’s Marketing Faculty, has always been fascinated by the [Tales of Star Ocean]; a bedtime story her mother read for her almost every night before she goes to sleep. As a child, she dreamt of being a Zodiac Angel so she can freely traverse the ocean of stars and meet up with the Angel of Ophiucus to save her from her torment.

Now she is 20 years old, but never for once has she abandoned her dream.

But then her life changed forever when one day a group of men in black suit kidnapped her, calling her a Zodiac Angel. The girl’s cry echoes the iron walls of the research center as those men try to manifest her powers.

In the midst of despair, another Zodiac Angel emerges and saves her from a cruel tragedy. To Sophia’s surprise, the woman who came to her rescue is none other than her very own mother, Myria Estella.
For 19 years, her mother had been keeping this a secret from her. Why?

Before Sophia could get any answers, Myria unveils a horrible revelation to her daughter: The seal of the Ophiucus Angel is about to be broken.

Grasping the power she longed for in her hands, Sophia sets forth to assemble the remaining 10 Zodiac Angels to save Athenia from a horrible revelation and unveils the tragedy that took place before she was born.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Ophiucus

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