Thank you for visiting [Mad_Cartoonist’s Insane Blog].
I hope you enjoy all of my works that are being hosted here.

This is a [Facebook Wall] equivalent page where all visitors are free to post their thoughts and comments. You can do all of the following on this page:

  1. Start a discussion or post your speculations about my fictions
  2. Ask any questions to me directly
  3. Propose any suggestions to help me improve my blog
  4. Proposing a video game for me to try out (See the [Author] tab for more information)

Generally, I want this ‘wall’ to be a place for relaxing discussions and chats. However, to keep things in order, I would like to place a few ‘guidelines’ to follow.

  1. Do NOT start a fight or speak in a vulguar language to other posters
  2. Do NOT sexually harass or disturb other members
  3. Do NOT post pictures of members who wish to remain anonymous
  4. Do NOT post spoilers of Mad_Cartoonist’s fictions / fan fictions or any other games, movies, mangas, animes, and all other forms of entertainment medias
  5. Do NOT advertise and / or post spam comments
  6. Do NOT express hate against the [SEEF] Club or its idol

And that is all. ^^
Please have fun discussing and have a great day.


152 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Mad Cartoonist, I realize all your drawings of zodiac angels are wearing dress or short skirt. Don’t they feel awkward if they reveal lots of pantyshots while fighting?

    • Most of them has hot pants or gym pants under their skirts, so there is no worries about panty shots 😛

      As for why I am so bent on designing my characters with skirts, it’s because I like outfits that emphasizes legs and thighs.

  2. Mad, have you ever check back on those fatal frame 2 board to read up on those comments and stuff at gamefaqs just for nostalgic sake? Your topics still exist.

  3. If anyone is reading this, please make a flash game based on zodiac angels, preferably side scroller action beat em up and put the download link upfront on this main site!

        • That’s what I do first in every Rockman games @___@
          in RMZ I always got Godspeed rank >_> before perfecting everything later
          what about ZX? why ZXA :o?
          this was long time ago, but first play through in ZXA: 3 hours
          first play ZX: 2.5 hours…
          I’m pretty sure if I was me right now I’ll beat these two games within 2 hours xD” (had too much trouble back then)
          p.s. why ZX games all of a suddent?

          • note: sorry I had to butt in, can’t resist when there’s a RM or TH topic lol
            (oh, on another side note, can’t give you any evidence on screenshot/photo, because I didn’t save where I just cleared the game, right now my saves are already after I cleared the game or done with all quests which are already alot hours after I beated the game >_>)

    • I saw your other comment. It was hold under pending because WordPress detected the email as a link. That’s okay. I’m notified of anyone’s email who posted here, so I already have your email.

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