[SEEF] Club

Welcome to the Sophia Esteed Eternal Fan Club – The fan club for one of the least loved character of the video game [Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time]!!!

Haters beware! This page is Sophia-Centric!

The purpose of this page is to list the current members of the Sophia Esteed Eternal Fan Club. Other information of the fan club, such as brief information about our idol and the fan club history, can be seen in another page (links are provided below).

As of Sunday December 9, 2012, we have 28 members in our Fan Club.
Here is the list of our current members:

  1. Mad_Cartoonist (President)
  2. Girlsrgamers2 (Vice President – GameFAQs Message Boards)
  3. Magnazeta (First Member – GameFAQs Message Boards)
  4. FaytEtherealGuy (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  5. Darkmaian (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  6. FF_Ace (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  7. Drclaeys (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  8. Billitohan (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  9. Legendmusketeer (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  10. Lord Zhou Yu (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  11. DanialD21 (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  12. Buffy720 (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  13. Lamehater (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  14. XRhinehartX (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  15. EmeraldDragon7 (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  16. Hikagesan (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  17. Silenthill2 (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  18. NekoHibiki (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  19. Ecclesiastes273 (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  20. Ladysoalluring (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  21. Kratosrulez (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  22. GeminiWK (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  23. PenOfStone (GameFAQs Message Boards)
  24. DevilTrigger (Dissidia Forums)
  25. Glenburg89 (Dissidia Forums)
  26. Makoto Uzuki (Dissidia Forums)
  27. G.SummonerBWM (Dissidia Forums)
  28. TheGreatPotato (GameFAQs Message Boards)

About this Fan Club
Sophia’s Biography
Battle Analysis
Why I love her
Why she was hated
Joining the Fan Club


7 thoughts on “[SEEF] Club

  1. From reading Sophia’s Biography and about her relationship with Fayt, I can safely assume they are nothing more than just childhood friends.

  2. Sophia was bossy and strict enough on the beach at the beginning of the game. That much for sure. 😛 Especially if you walk into one of the hotel rooms and walk up into a trashcan where Fayt unintentionally called her fat and got pimp slapped.

  3. Nonsense. Sophia wasn’t bossy enough. It says in the Dictionary that she’s the main reason Fayt’s good for anything, and it didn’t show her shoving him around often enough for my liking. All the friendly chemistry disappears with Hyda IV, sadly.

    Ecclesiastes is disappointed in the lack of hype for Sophia’s physicals. If things work out with what I’m doing, magic will be her sidejob.

    • When you’re done experimenting her setups, do tell me about it here or on GameFAQs. I plan to make a comprehensive FAQ for Sophia some time in the future.

      And lol, Butler was probably referring to the ‘Sophia’ in my fan fictions. I sort of shift her character a bit here and there.

    • Uh, well. In SO3, I don’t think she’s been really that bossy cuz she doesn’t have that much screen time.
      If you’re talking about the Sophia from my Fatal Frame Fan Fics (and any other fics), then it would be another story. xD

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