About this Fan Club

History and Formation of the Club

Before this fan club was created, I have the bolded phrase “Sophia Esteed Eternal Fan” on my GameFAQs message board signature. This was because I had saw so much hate for her, so I intended to tell the world that there is someone out there who actually likes her. But as time passed, I got more people nudging me, saying, “Hey, I like that girl too.” I even got people into playing Star Ocean 3 because they wondered who the hell Sophia is (lol).

Even though the haters are more vocal, I was still able to find some people among the fan base who adore her. Because of that, I just knew that I couldn’t be the only one that likes her.

Therefore, I changed my signature to:

President of the Official Sophia Esteed Eternal FanClub. Member Count: 1

This is a screen cap of the earliest member count I could find on GameFAQs Message Boards. I really wish I can find the one that said “Current Members: 1”

Of course, the only one member was me since I am the founder. To be honest, I was not holding my breath when I made the sig. It was done solely for fun and laughs. But then, in a short period of time, the member count jumped above 10. Of course I was surprised, but that was not a bad thing.


The purpose of my Sophia Esteed Eternal Fan Club has never changed ever since its establishment – [To gather and tally the number of people who do not hate her].

I never have and never will plan for any promotional campaign to spread the love for her. I feel that the act would be considered ‘shoving down throat’, which I hate so much. Doing so would only do more bad to her than good.

This is a snapshot of my GameFAQs Message Board signature, taken on Dec 15, 2012

Aside from the aforementioned purpose, I also want this fanclub to be a complete database for Sophia’s information, such as her battle capabilities, stats growth, recommended setups, and etc. I am currently in the middle of working for such guide, but it could be a while before it is complete.

As for why I create the HQ for the fan club here, it is because posting a fan club topic at the Star Ocean 3 message boards is not very convenient. There is a message limit and topics can be archived. Not to mention that a certain troll with no other purpose in life but to bash Sophia is also roaming there.

Hall of Fame

– A GameFAQs Message Boards poster by the name of ‘Magnazeta’ was the first person to ask to join my fan club, hence claiming the title of the ‘First Member of the Sophia Esteed Eternal Fan Club’.

– Some time ago, I arranged a contest (because I was too free back then), challenging the fan club members to find a beautiful Sophia fan art for me. The first member who posts one that I have not seen before and catches my attention will be given the title of the Vice President.
A GameFAQs Message Boards poster by the name of ‘Girlsrgamers2’ was the one who won that contest and officially claimed the Vice President title.
As a Vice President, she is allowed to recruit more members to the fan club, as long as I get the consent.