Battle Analysis

Brief In-Game Battle Analysis

Sophia is one of the two dedicated mages of Star Ocean 3.

For those who know Tri-Ace (Star Ocean 3’s developer*), the mages in their games, aside from a few rare cases like Valkyrie Profile, SUCK big time. Reason being either they cast their magic too slow or the damage of spells is completely overshadowed by the melee fighters’ combo capability.

Star Ocean 3’s mages suffered the same problem. The spells do not have a proper damage multiplier, making them deal pathetic damage even at maxed [Intelligence] Stats, not to mention that super bosses even gain 50% resistance to elemental spells.

Lucky for Sophia, that while Symbology (the flashy term for ‘Magic’ in SO3) does crap damage, a few of them can be used to do something productive. First of all, stats buffing spells, like Protection and Power Up, are extremely useful until near end game where you gain access to higher stats w/o the need of spells.

Sophia gains access to a couple of healing and curative spells, which are great in saving your item stocks in long dungeon trek. Why waste your precious Basils, Fresh Sages, and Blueberries when you have, Cure Condition, Restoration, and Healing? Save those items for battles where item tossing is faster than spells.

Finally, many of the spells in SO3 have high stunning power that can halt enemies on spot. And unlike other characters that uses Symbology, Sophia has the ability to chain her spells together, allowing her to continuously spam stunlocking spells from afar, as long as her ‘Fury Gauge’ is not empty. This makes her an essential part of any safety-oriented party.

In conclusion, her main job in battle, aside from status buffs and healing, is to keep the enemies pinned down, while her two party members beat the crap out of the enemies.

Future Plans for this Page

This page will be turned into a mini [Sophia Guide] in the near future. I am currently in the process of compiling a general guide for using Sophia in battle. The guide will contain a run-through list of stuffs you should do when you get her, so you can make her useful in your party as efficient and as soon as possible, as well as a couple of effective setups that will save you from any frustration of game overs.