Sophia’s Biography

This page contains spoilers to Star Ocean 3’s plot!! Read at your own risk!!!

Sophia Esteed

Sophia Esteed

Age: 17

Height: 1.60 m (≈5.25 ft)

Weight: 49 kg (≈101.41 lb)


  • Cooking (Totally wanna try it some day)
  • Crafting
  • Symbology (Magics

160 cm and 49 kg. Oh Sophia, who said you’re a fatty? If anything you are one kilogram below the average ‘perfect’ height-to-weight ratio.

The following is Sophia’s in-game dictionary entry.

Sophia Esteed

A human girl born on Earth who is enrolled in the Spacetime Department of Bachtein High School.  Unlike most young girls of the present age, she excels in various household tasks such as cleaning and sewing.
There is a simple reason for this.  Her parents are both busy with work, and she has had to take care of the chores around the house by herself from an early age.
Incidentally, her father, Dr. Clive Esteed, works at the same research lab as Fayt’s parents, and her house is close to Fayt’s house, so the two families have had a close relationship for a long time.

Sophia Esteed (Part 2)

In order to save the universe from the descending hand of judgment of the 4D beings, just as Fayt and Maria were given a power, Sophia was as well–Connection. Surely it couldn’t have been that much of a surprise to her!


Sophia Esteed

Sophia has long brown hair, stretching to the middle of her back. But perhaps, her most notable trait is her big round glittering pale emerald eyes. Her default costume is a long sleeve pink shirt, covered with a purple cape. The shirt stretched down to around the level below her breasts, covering her corset. She wears a dark purple mini-skirt, a pair of black kitty stockings, and pink boots.

Aside from her default costume, she also has three more costumes, you can freely alter around after you’ve unlocked the required amount of battle trophies, and another two more that you can use only on the Paracelsus Table and the first few battles in the game.
Altogether, her looks and design is rather simple (and clean), much like the typical girl you can find almost any JRPGs.


These are her available costumes that can be unlocked through Battle Trophies and freely change in battle through the status screen.


1P Costume (Default) 2P Costume 3P Costume 4P Costume


She has two more costumes she can unlock in the VS mode – her casual outfit and her battle simulator outfit. These two are not freely selectable outside of VS Mode. My personal favorite is the 2P Costume ^^.


A snapshot of Sophia from SO3’s ending

Sophia is a kind cheerful dreamy girl, much like Millie of Star Ocean 1 (IMO).
As shown in one of the private action events, she dreamt of being a princess, with prince charming on white horse to sweep her off her feet. She feels guilty of harming any living things; even the monsters that try to kill her.

Story and Image

Sophia is supposed to be the main female protagonist of Star Ocean 3 and the love interest of the main male protagonist, Fayt. Both of them are childhood friends and have been sticking together for a long time.
However, throughout the course of the game, their romantic relationship never develop more than what we already know. Not to mention that in Fayt and Sophia’s paired ending, there wasn’t even a sign of romantic relationship going on; they simply went back to their families (although it was hinted in the manga’s ending that something is going on between them.)
Sophia was also genetically engineered like Fayt and Maria. She was given the power of [Connection] genes to connect the Time Gate to the 4th Dimension Space, a place where the gods who created the universe dwells.