Why I love her

This section contains personal emotional story. You have been warned.

I get to know Sophia and Star Ocean 3 for the first time when a douche bag friend of mine, by the alias of VZ, introduced the game to me back in 2004. He kept on rambling the whole day about how awesome SO3 was and that if I don’t play it, I’m an idiot. I am the type of guy who hates anything that gets shoved down my throat, no matter how good it is. It could be the game with best story or gameplay ever, but if someone kept shoving it into my face, it will automatically becomes the worst game in existence for me. SO3 suffered that fate in the past, lol.

But a twist occurred when he showed me the Star Ocean 3’s Thai Guide Book. I thought I should just humor him so I skimmed around the guide and hit the character profile page.

And that, my friends, was how I first met Sophia.

My Star Ocean 3 Thai Guide Book – Worn out from my 9+ runs of this game.

I mean admit it; she is cute. Even if she’s a shallow and cliché-looking character and such, the first thing you see about her is a cute and sweet looking girl.

Needless to say, I became interested in SO3 right after I saw her picture and tried the game out. Never regretted doing so. Not only this game has the cutest video game character ever created in it, but the whole experience of the game itself is awesome. To this day, the reason I still somewhat count that douche bag VZ as friend was because he introduced Sophia to me.

The girl grew so much on me that she has become something else more than just another video game girl for me – she symbolizes my type of ideal girl.

Let’s take a deeper look.


Just look at her, top to toe. Which part of her is not cute and adorable? I mean, it’s okay to say that she looks rather plain and boring, but if you say she’s not cute, something is really wrong with you. She is the type of girl that would totally make your day just by seeing a smile on her face – an angel to be precise.

Longhaired. Pure and innocent face. Cheerful smile. – Sophia perfectly scores in this criterion.

Only a cruel man with the meanest of heart would say she looks ugly.

Wifely Characteristics

Sophia has Item Creation talents in Cooking and Crafting. Cooking is straightforward. Crafting refers to having nimble fingers in sewing or doing delicate works. These are the basic traits of a housewife any guy wants. If you say you don’t want a wife with these traits, you are obviously lying to yourself. (Note: ‘Don’t want’ and ‘don’t need’ are two very different things)

It sounds typical, but seriously, it is a trait all guys expect in a girl. Clumsy girls that can’t cook might look cute, but at the end of the day, a guy would prefer girls that can cook over girls that burn the kitchen any day. Prove me wrong.

Now, I’m not being a sexist by saying all this. I admire smart girls that are skilled and work as hard as a guy. I’m just saying that this is the characteristic of girls most guys like.

Damsel NOT in Distress

If a girl is very tough, chances are she does not need a guy to take care of her. You could argue that deep down ALL girls – even tough ones – needed support from a guy, but that is very much aside the point. I want to be the one taking care of the girl I love, NOT felt like being taken care by her.

This is not to be confused with girls that don’t do squat and only waits for everything to be spoon-fed too.

Everything needs balance.

Sophia needs her party member to protect her from harm in battle, but at the same time, she can provide supports that help ensure the party’s victory.
I love the type of girl that I know will always watch my back as I plunge against life’s hardships – the girl that will always be waiting for me at home after I came back home from a tired day.

Meteor Swarm

“Open the gateway, to the sacred land!!! And let fly the arrows of judgment to strike down evil!!! METEOR SWARM!!!!!!!!”

Admit it. The incantation is awesome. It might sound corny, but that’s an important element of a big spell incantation. Plus, look at her dance. Isn’t it cute? I love the whole incantation and dance, well, aside from the small off tune turnabout near the ending.

I do admit I only use it for flashiness though. It’s rather hard to use this spell seriously. Not only it takes a long time to cast, you gain access to the spell very late into post-game.


Sophia - Angel

“The first thing I want to see when I wake up in the morning is the face of a sweet innocent angel smiling back at me”