Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia [Prologue]

Chapter 00

“Ah! It’s this late already? Let’s just go to bed, sweetie,” a kind young lady with short dark brown hair said and stood up from the little girl’s bed, covered by a thick quilt depicting several pictures of cartoon cats on it.
“Awww! Mommy mommy! Tell me a story first!” the girl pleaded.
“But it’s already late and you have class tomorrow too. You should go to bed now,” the young mother argued.
“Please mommy, please! I’ll go to bed right away after you finish the story!” the girl pleaded some more.
Surrendering to the girl’s plea, the kind mother smiles and sits back down on her daughter’s bed.

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A note about ZA – Chapter Sophia

Hi everyone!

Remember how I said I have some special plan for Sophia’s chapter back in my New Years post?

Well, I just figured that I’ll be talking about it again here.

Unlike Viola and Auria’s chapters, which are almost direct translation, Sophia’s chapter is not a simple translation from the Thai version; I will be rewriting all of Sophia’s chapters. As for why I choose to ‘rewrite’ Sophia’s chapters instead of just ‘translate’, there are a couple of reasons:

  1. Since the middle of Auria’s chapter, I start to feel that ‘direct translations’ made my wordings very awkward for English and I had to proofread it a lot after the chapters are done. This is exclusive of the time needed for grammatical revising (which still seems to escape me many times ._.). The whole process was pretty long to get a single chapter translated.
  2. Many of the details in Sophia’s chapters are…well…Let’s just say despite being the character named after my all-time favorite video game girl, she has the WORST story and development. That’s kind of ironic, don’t you think?
    Back during my story development process, I was too focused on making her ‘the person who assembles all angels’. As a result, in the Thai version, her roles do not really shine until Chapter Ophiucus, and in her own chapter, she almost became the narrator that has nothing to do with the story itself.
  3. I also want to ‘reimage’ Sophia’s character. Like I said, she was extremely bland when I wrote her story in the Thai version. So I decided to add more depth to her, and make her a little more upbeat.
  4. There are some more minor reasons, but explaining them now would spoil Sophia’s chapter. I’ll explain them when we got to Sophia’s chapter trivia.

So, that’s basically it 😀

Due to the nature of this chapter being a ‘rewrite’, not a ‘translation’, there MIGHT be some inconsistent details and holes here and there. Should you find anything that I seem to miss or made inconsistent, please excuse me and notify me so I can change it ASAP.

Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 20 [Epilogue]

Chapter 20 – A [Epilogue]

“…Okay. That should be fine for now.”
I remove the plush doll away from the blonde archer after her bruises began to fade.
“Hm…I could still kind of feel the pain,” Lauress muttered, poking some of the bruises that are still apparent on her body.
“Oh. Sorry. Anty and I are a little too tired right now, so I doubt I can completely patch up the wounds. At least let this cover until we get to some where we can rest properly, then I’ll work on healing everyone again,” I explained.
“Ah. No problem. I’m just a little surprised since you completely healed up my sprained ankle earlier,” said Lauress.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 19

Chapter 19 – A

The caramel haired girl continues lashing her whip onto the scorpion’s pincher, futilely inflicting no damage whatsoever. Despite her fierce and merciless assault, the exhaustion and pain are obviously starting to take toll on her slender body. Her face looks extremely weary and she is breathing heavily. Each of her attacks is no longer deft and firm like when she broke Miki’s ice ramp earlier, yet the assault still continues under the command of the mad scientist’s crown. If this continues, it definitely would not be good for her.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 18

Chapter 18 – A

In the midst of darkness, I could sense the coldness of the tiles on the floor feeling against the skin on my back. My teary eyes are still closed, too afraid to accept reality. However, at the same time, I also felt someone breathing heavily in front of my face. Who could that be, hovering over my body?
This breath.
This scent…

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 17

Chapter 17 – A

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 16

Chapter 16 – A

The guard officer falls to the ground from a knock behind his neck with the shaft of Miki’s dagger.
“All cleared,” Miki called to me and Lauress.
“Meh. You’re pretty good at sneaking around,” the blonde archer remarked.
“Was that supposed to be a compliment?” Miki raises one of her eyebrow.
“Well, maybe.” Lauress shrugs.
“How far are we in now?” I interrupted before the two of them got into a fight again.
“We’re almost there. The lab that holds your sister is not too far in from here,” the blonde archer explained.
“Let’s go then,” I said.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 15

Chapter 15 – A

The sun has already set around the time we left the clinic. All the civilians have finished evacuating and the city has been completely desolated. Running in an empty abandoned city like this, especially after the sun has already set, is pretty unnerving, but I don’t care. Orica could be manipulated any time soon; she might even already have that crown on her. Because of that, we have to get to her as fast as we can. I really don’t want to imagine having to fight my dear little sister.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 14

Chapter 14 – A

The light outside the window on the second floor of a clinic is gradually turning orange, indicating that the sun is about to set. Luckily, the lights and air condition inside are still working. We lay the unconscious blonde archer on the patient’s bed and let her take a rest. After that, the two of us leave the patient’s room and sit in the waiting room. In the meanwhile, I offer to tender the bruises and scrape Miki got while fighting earlier. The twin pony tailed girl removes her outer coat and let me heal her wounds.

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