Short Update [March 5, 2013]

MCIB_News and Update

Hello everyone!

Today is March 5 and that means only one thing!


That’s right! As of today, I am now a full fledge University Graduate with an Accounting Degree. Yay!!! XD

And now, my last summer break has started! I have two fully free months of messing around before my work starts on May 1. Obviously, I’ve been scheduling about what I want to do to make the most out of these two months break. As a result, from today on till May 1, I’ll try to make frequent updates each day and keep this place active.

Of course, I have not forget some stuffs that were requested to me, such as the Chinese New Year picture and Database arranging. So please don’t worry. I’ll be working on those starting tomorrow.

Oh, and WordPress just notified me earlier that today marks 1 year anniversary since the creation of this blog. Because of that, Happy Birthday, ‘Insane Blog’!! XD


Perfect way to start an exam

Today, I have an exam in the afternoon. The subject is called “ACT4647 Accounting Software Package“. We basically learn about a Thai accounting software called ‘CD Organizer’ (Don’t ask me how it got that name). From what the teacher told me, we’ll have to use the computer lab and access the program so it can help us calculate and answer the question he gives us on the paper.

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? However, the problem is, when I got to the university to see my exam room seat this morning, I found this:

Basically, you’ll have to look at the section you are in, and see which room has your ID range. My section is 401 and my ID is 5214932. However, notice that both 401 section does not contain any ID range that includes 5214*** at all.

Yes, registration system trolled me – -”
They probably have typo or something. Notice the second 401. The number descends from 5212823 to 5212782 instead of ascending. That seems totally legit.

And in case you guys are wondering why I am here making this Randumb Entry on my blog instead of panic and look for the exam room, it’s because the exam won’t start until 1 PM my time (and it’s 9:40 AM right now) and the subject itself is piss easy. As a result I have plenty of time to review AND look for the exam room. I just felt like ranting about this. XD
My bet is that it’s in room SC0405 where there’s a typo in the list.

I’ll come back for an update after my exam is over, lol.


Anddddddddddd this subject’s exam is done! As expected, my exam room was indeed SC0405 (the one with typo in the ID range) and the exam itself was pissed easy, LOL

Basically, the question paper already gave you all the information you need. If you study the program, listen to the lectures, and did not play Facebook in class (WordPress blogging doesn’t count, lol), then this exam is basically a give-away. All you have to do is key in the information into the program using the commands learned in class and write down the generated outputs as required by the questions. That’s basically it. This is probably one of the easiest Major Subject exam I’ve ever taken. >_>

M_C’s Mana Khemia: Student Alliance Review

Yet another review for a pretty old game. I cleared this game on February 1, but I was too busy with my university reports to sit down and consolidate my thoughts about the game. In case you guys are wondering, I started playing the game around the middle of January and have been playing it only while on my way to and back from the university. That would explain why I was able to clear the game, even though I said I was so busy.

Without further adieu, let’s get into the review!


Note that aside from points where I specified otherwise, my opinion is always completely objective and built up from an absolutely neutral point. While the title is called a ‘Review’, this article is nothing more than a personal opinion (or random rant) of someone who has played the game.

Pictures used in this post are from random Google Search. I thereby claim no ownership to any of them.


This review will contain spoilers to Mana Khemia – Student Alliance. Proceed at your own risk!

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Short Update [Jan 17, 2013]

Hey folks, how have you been?

I was working on a couple of university stuffs last few days, and it’s kind of depressing. So many things piled up all at the same time, and well, I’ve been struggling hard to get those works done. Reason? Well, lack of motivation is one, lol.
One of my mid-term exams’ score was just released today. I have to say, I wasn’t really impressed, but then there are quite a number of people who scored lower than me, so I’m not going to complain. Still, it was a little disappointing because I thought I wrote the darn essays pretty well.
Many of the works assigned to us are pretty burdensome too. They’re not necessarily hard, but they required quite a lot of attention to do.

I really wish I had half of those drives I had back when I was in first year right now. Heck, even half of the strength I had when I worked on Business Research last semester would do >_<

In any case, I was compiling some other top 10 lists to share with everyone. One of them is top 10 villains list, as suggested by one of my readers. I’ll keep the rest of the lists a secret for now. Hope you guys look forward to those.

I’m also drawing a couple of new pictures, namely the picture of the mysterious girl, who came to save Auria, and her Zodiac Beast. We’ll get to know more about her this Saturday.

Thanks everyone who came for a visit, and I’ll see you again next time.


Well, there was one subject during mid-term that I thought I didn’t do well, and its score was released today. Turns out, I did pretty well on this one.
That’s a relief though. Kind of brightened my day. XD

Short Update [Jan 12, 2013]

The Last Mid-Term Exam is done!!!!

Oh god, I’m glad it’s finally over ._.

Compared to the last semester, the subjects aren’t really hard this time around. But it’s probably because this is the last semester, I felt lazy as heck and wasn’t motivated to much studies – At least not as motivated as last semester. Thankfully, all the subjects cooperated and they’re all not too hard.

……Well, aside from the one I had today ._.

BIS3589 Analysis Tools for Finance and Accounting. I had half of one question blank because I have no idea what I was supposed to do there, lol. The exam was around 3 PM so I have been sitting in the university’s computer lab, reviewing my stuffs in the morning. Around 1 PM, I felt so worn out and I really want to get it over.

Anyway, with that, my last mid-term exam is done! The university isn’t exactly kind though. I got a number of projects due after Mid-Term. The worst part is we only have like 5 weeks or so before the finals, which is around the middle of February.

As a result, my blog could possibly run dry from daily posts again after this week or so. I’ll try to write new articles before I get really busy by then. At least it’s a good thing I already have Chapter Auria typed and scheduled ahead just in case. xD

Thanks you everyone who has been visiting my blog in the past week even though there were no new updates, and I’ll see you again next time.

M_C’s [Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo] Review

Your 9 AM class is cancelled so you have 4 and a half hours of free time until the next? Why not make a super random review of your favorite childhood game!? 😀


Note that aside from games where I specified so, my opinion is always completely objective and built up from an absolutely neutral point. While the title is called a ‘Review’, this article is nothing more than a personal opinion (or rant) of someone who has played the game.


This review will contain possible spoilers to the story of Putt-Putt Series. Proceed at your own risk!

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Employment Contract with KPMG Signed!!!

So today I went to sign my employment contract with KPMG. I am now officially an employee of a Big Four company. XD

For those who don’t know, I’ve been given an offer to work at KPMG since the beginning of October, but I just signed the contract today since the firm requires me to prepare a couple of legal documents (ID card infos, bank account number, and those kind of stuffs). Read more about my admission to KPMG here.

My status as a university senior ends at March 5, 2013 and my employment contract starts on May 1, 2013. As a result, I have about two full months of free time before my work starts. This is basically my last summer break. I’m going to use all this time to quickly get Chapter Auria AND Chapter Sophia translated and scheduled. (I’ve already made some start in translating Chapter Auria, so don’t worry about gap breaks. Her chapter will start right after Viola’s chapter end around Christmas)

Auditing Firms’ ‘Busy Season’ starts around end of August and goes all the way to the end of March in the next year. I would probably have to work real late around that time, so I need to get stuff planned ahead.

Anyway, thanks everyone who visited my blog 😀

I hope you enjoyed reading my randomness and I’ll see you again. Bye Bye. xD

New Semester Begets New Works!

Ah, the new semester has started, and it’s eating up my time a lot more than I thought. >_>

Like the title said, new semester begets new works! And here I thought my last semester would be a cinch, lol.
Well, here is a quick update of what happened and why my blog ran dry this past week.

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M_C’s Final Fantasy XIII Review

So yeah, an exam over is worth a celebration. Let’s celebrate with a review of the most controversial Final Fantasy. I’m doing this review because I just cleared this game about a week ago, and also because I don’t have any other random thoughts to post at the moment >_<.

I’ve already posted a brief review once in my [Did you guys enjoy Final Fantasy XIII] fad poll on GameFAQ’s Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy Message Boards (See the topic here), but I’m going to post my full review here again since my blog post do not have character limits (har har har. I don’t know why I laughed). Okay, enough of the silly jokes. Let’s get right into it!


Note that aside from games where I specified so, my opinion is always completely objective and built up from an absolutely neutral point. While the title is called a ‘Review’, this article is nothing more than a personal opinion (or random rant) of someone who has played the game.

All the pictures used in this post are from random Google Search. I thereby claim no ownership to any of them.


This review will contain spoilers to FFXIII’s story. Proceed at your own risk!

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