Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 05

Chapter 05 – S

I let the shower pour down on my face and body. Mom said I was confined there for only a day but it felt like forever to me.
I just feel so dirty right now.
Who knows what happened to me while I was unconscious?
I rub my face heavily, shaking away any unspeakable thoughts that pop up in my mind. The horrible nightmare is over, and now I am showering in the bathroom inside my house. There is no need to worry any more.
In fact, maybe I should just pretend that none of that ever happened at all. That might have made my mind a little more at ease.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 04

Chapter 04 – S

“How many times have it been since she came here?” A man spoke up after laying my body facing down on the cot.
“Who knows? They said the monster inside her was resisting and it disappeared every time they got close to capturing it. Well, it’s obvious that any animal would resist if someone tries to capture it,” another man replied.
“I don’t know, man. Is it really okay to treat a girl like this?” the first man asked his friend.
“Who cares? I’m getting paid heavily for this. I could careless if a random girl dies,” said the other man, “That said, don’t you see how she burned three guys that day? And now there’s a monster hidden inside her. I don’t know about you, man, but I can’t sleep at night knowing that something like her exists.”

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 03


This chapter contains violence, bullying, and questionable treatment of a lady. Please be advised while reading this chapter.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 02

Chapter 02 – S

The sound of the footsteps behind me mimics every step that I took. My heart pounds faster and a drop of sweat traces its way down my cheek. All muscles in my body tense up, while I try my best to keep moving forward along the path next to the desolated railways, pretending to not notice the stalker.
Who is this person?
Is that person male or female?
What does he or she looks like?

…Right now, my mind is so frightened and flustered that I am no longer thinking straight. None of those questions even mattered at all. The only questions that matter are:

What does he or she wants from me?
And am I going to be safe?

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 01

Chapter 01 – S

The sun has risen and morning finally revisits the Galaxia City, a city of diverse landscape settled on the midwest of the continent. Even though it is not as grand as the giants like Grand Central or Great Constella, the scenery of this city is in no way less magnificent. The city’s layout was cleverly designed by the finest team of architects, sponsored by the Nebula Corporation, the famous monopoly that penetrates the market with its new type of energy – efficient and completely harmless. The layout also clearly distinguishes the borderline of each district in the city according to its purposes. Each district is connected to one another through the Nebula Skylink, the trademark public sky train of the city contributed by the same Nebula Corporation.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 20 [Epilogue]

Chapter 20 – A [Epilogue]

“…Okay. That should be fine for now.”
I remove the plush doll away from the blonde archer after her bruises began to fade.
“Hm…I could still kind of feel the pain,” Lauress muttered, poking some of the bruises that are still apparent on her body.
“Oh. Sorry. Anty and I are a little too tired right now, so I doubt I can completely patch up the wounds. At least let this cover until we get to some where we can rest properly, then I’ll work on healing everyone again,” I explained.
“Ah. No problem. I’m just a little surprised since you completely healed up my sprained ankle earlier,” said Lauress.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 19

Chapter 19 – A

The caramel haired girl continues lashing her whip onto the scorpion’s pincher, futilely inflicting no damage whatsoever. Despite her fierce and merciless assault, the exhaustion and pain are obviously starting to take toll on her slender body. Her face looks extremely weary and she is breathing heavily. Each of her attacks is no longer deft and firm like when she broke Miki’s ice ramp earlier, yet the assault still continues under the command of the mad scientist’s crown. If this continues, it definitely would not be good for her.

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