Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 18

Chapter 18 – A

In the midst of darkness, I could sense the coldness of the tiles on the floor feeling against the skin on my back. My teary eyes are still closed, too afraid to accept reality. However, at the same time, I also felt someone breathing heavily in front of my face. Who could that be, hovering over my body?
This breath.
This scent…

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 17

Chapter 17 – A

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 16

Chapter 16 – A

The guard officer falls to the ground from a knock behind his neck with the shaft of Miki’s dagger.
“All cleared,” Miki called to me and Lauress.
“Meh. You’re pretty good at sneaking around,” the blonde archer remarked.
“Was that supposed to be a compliment?” Miki raises one of her eyebrow.
“Well, maybe.” Lauress shrugs.
“How far are we in now?” I interrupted before the two of them got into a fight again.
“We’re almost there. The lab that holds your sister is not too far in from here,” the blonde archer explained.
“Let’s go then,” I said.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 15

Chapter 15 – A

The sun has already set around the time we left the clinic. All the civilians have finished evacuating and the city has been completely desolated. Running in an empty abandoned city like this, especially after the sun has already set, is pretty unnerving, but I don’t care. Orica could be manipulated any time soon; she might even already have that crown on her. Because of that, we have to get to her as fast as we can. I really don’t want to imagine having to fight my dear little sister.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 14

Chapter 14 – A

The light outside the window on the second floor of a clinic is gradually turning orange, indicating that the sun is about to set. Luckily, the lights and air condition inside are still working. We lay the unconscious blonde archer on the patient’s bed and let her take a rest. After that, the two of us leave the patient’s room and sit in the waiting room. In the meanwhile, I offer to tender the bruises and scrape Miki got while fighting earlier. The twin pony tailed girl removes her outer coat and let me heal her wounds.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 13

Chapter 13 – A

Miki keeps running to the side as that female blonde archer constantly tries to shoot her. Before she charged in, Miki told me to stay put outside of that girl’s line of sight while she closes in to lure that girl’s shots. When I asked her what else I should do, she just said, ‘You’re old enough to make your own judgment. Just don’t get in the way’.
She really could just have said that in a nicer way, but whatever. At least that means I don’t have get in and risk trying to dodge those arrows.
Upon some observation, I notice that the blonde archer’s arrows seem to be able to make an arcing turn once it was shot, as if they could home in to the target. So far, Miki was able to avoid getting shot by these arrows because of her agility and speed. However, I’m worried about what will happen if that girl decides to shoot those splitting arrows.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 12

Surprise update!!!!

Seeing as how the previous two chapter might look like a recycle from Viola’s chapters, I thought there is a relationship with how my blog suddenly experiences a sharp decline in view counts. My intention of writing parallel events in this fiction was to explore the same story from different protagonists’ point of views, but I guess not everyone is interested in that.

Anyway, here’s a surprise update to make up for the past two weeks with no new story. I hope you guys are still interested.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 11

Chapter 11 – A

I lead the two girls deeper into the alley until we reach the tight square block intersection I passed by earlier.
“No one should be able to follow us in here,” I turned around and told the two girls who have been following me without questioning our destination.
“I see. I guess we can take a breather here,” the emerald eyed brunette sighed in relief and leaned against the wall nearby, “Phew. I’m beat.”
The purple haired girl simply crosses her arms and leans against the wall. Even though the three of us are taking our rest, she still looks very tensed and alert. I can hardly blame her for feeling insecure. Even though I said no one should be able to follow us here, I myself don’t really feel safe either.
Anyway, after a fresh breather, I’ve decided to speak up first.
“Oh, that’s right. We haven’t introduced ourselves yet, haven’t we? I’m Auria. Auria Remil.”
“I’m Sophia Estella. Nice to meet you girls,” said the staff brunette.
“Hikari Viola. Hello,” the purple haired girl introduced herself.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 10

Chapter 10 – A

The three heads of the monsters’ synchronically roar at the top of their voice, echoing the central square as it announced the commencement of our battle.
“Okay then. Let’s do this!” the purple haired girl announced and valorously charged forth at the abomination with her lance tightly gripped in her hand.
“W…Woah, hey wait!” The emerald-eyed brunette tries to stop her, but it was too late – that girl has already ran off.
“Man, she’s a little too psyched,” the brunette sighed and turned to me, “We shouldn’t get to close to the monster. You stay back here, okay? I’ll go get her back.”
“Uh…Okay,” I nodded in reply as I watched her runs off following the purple haired girl. That almost felt like a Déjà vu since it was just a while ago that Miki told me something like that.
Anyway, the two of them seem pretty confident in themselves, especially the purple haired girl. She was charging at that monster without any sign of fear. I must say I envy their courage a little.

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Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 09

Chapter 09 – A

The ominous cluster of dark clouds swirls on the gloomy sky right above the center of the city. The passengers on the sky train all turn their attention worriedly towards the dark cloud, resembling a huge dimensional hole.
“What in the world is that…?” One of the passengers muttered loudly among the restless chattering.
“Hey, look at the TV!” a woman yelled, drawing the attention of everyone around her.
The TV screen suddenly shows the footage of a huge street intersection in Grand Central right under the dark cloud. A huge shallow hole, apparently formed from the explosion earlier, was settled in the middle of the intersection, where smokes and dusts are flying all over. The screen automatically zooms closer to the center of the huge hole. As the smoke disperses, a mysterious figure is revealed to be kneeling inside the dent. The restless crowds begin gathering around the hole, curious as to what just happened. The humanoid figure behind the curtain of smoke slowly rises to his feet and casts his crimson eyes around. Unlike an average human being, this figure has light blue skin and a pair of long sharp ears. He wears a golden chest plate over long black robe, stretching all the way to the ground. In his right hand is a long black metallic staff with a huge transparent diamond equipped on the top.

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