Short Update [Dec 2, 2012]

Just to let everyone know, I haven’t been slacking off in making new posts, lol.

I am currently working on a couple of pictures for Zodiac Angels, as I’ve been saying again and again. However, it is not the most appropriate time to show those pictures that I’m drawing at the moment. For instance, yesterday, I just finished working on a picture of Vanessa and her Zodiac Beast. Since she has yet to show her beast in the story, it wouldn’t be very appropriate to show that picture right now.

On top of that, I have also been working to schedule Chapter Auria ahead of time till March 5 (since that is when my semester ends). In case I haven’t said this yet, [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola] translation is already done and her last chapter is scheduled on the last day of this month (and year). Because of that, I am now working on Chapter Auria and trying to get her chapters scheduled up as far as possible until I get my two months after-graduation break.

So yes. Just to let you guys know that I’m not busy or anything. Just working on stuffs that has not reached the time to be shown yet. I hope you guys stay around for more stuffs from me >_<


6 thoughts on “Short Update [Dec 2, 2012]

    • Counting from where I actively start updating Chapter Viola in August, that’s a little less than half a year time. XD
      Don’t worry, it’s only her chapter that’s ending. We still have Chapter Auria and Sophia. Plus Chapter Ophiucus is no where as short as the three heroine chapters combined.

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